Did the end of Naruto series left you with nothing appealing to watch? Did you all miss the powerful jutsus, Ninja action and heart-touching moments? Don’t worry now, the much awaited Anime Series “Boruto”, the continuation of Naruto Series will be aired on 5th of this month.

Ukyō Kodachi’s “Boruto- Naruto Next generations” will be sequel to Masashi Kishimoto’s “Naruto”. Already on last year a movie on Boruto titled “Boruto – Naruto The Movie” introduced some of the upcoming characters.

The new anime unlike the older one is set in entirely new atmosphere which included tall buildings, large monitors, electric cars on a whole it gonna resemble modern day world.  The new Anime will feature Naruto as the 7th Hokage of the Konoha village and as the successor of his teacher, Kakashi. Naruto and Hinata will have a stubborn son “Boruto” and a daughter named “Himawari“. Ever since Naruto becomes Hokage he neglects his children, so Baruto will hate Hokageship. Baruto will excel in his training and ninja abilities but he missuses it. Since his mother is from Hyuga clan he inherits even Byakugan power along with his father’s Rasingan. He tries to earn new powers through false methods, like his father he tries to draw everyone’s attention and akin to Sasuke he shares so much of greed to acquire power. The much interesting fact is Sarada, Sasuke’s daughter will be Naruto’s crush in the anime. Sasuke will be impressed with Baruto’s abilities and therefore decides to train him.


Ninja Academy’s classes will be dismissed early because of 5 kage summit in Konoha village. Baruto decides to showcase his talents and decided to pull a prank along with his friends. But he will be caught by his father while defacing Hokage Rock.

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