Least Entertainment Value: A Review of Breathless (1983)

  • Navneel Maji

This is expected to be a protagonist- a centric story where he appears to rock the life of his girlfriend while moving through everything very unworried about future with one philosophy on his tongue all the time- “All or Nothing.” The story had the thoughtful angle to it as he, an ardent reader of silver surfer comics, finds similarity between their lives and reflects upon the quotes from the comics, which he considers great pearl of wisdom. Whereas his girlfriend represents the turmoil that resides within us, that pulls us between the two worlds- his and the social life of status-quo and law & order that we all have to follow in the society.

Now the movie after an hour becomes so predictable and dull that you start to wish your popcorn was saltier and should have ordered two more coke drinks. The heroism of the character may appeal to the teenage crazies and some forever lunatics of our times, but any person marginally serious about life would take the movie with more than a pinch of salt. The best part of the whole flick was to me, the part, where he told the story of a silver surfer to his girlfriend in the most romantic way possible while curled up on the bed after a *good* moment. The rest is just so-so.


No mention of the back-story of the characters and why they are doing what they are doing, the movie looks more like a movie in progress or whatever. The Cops in the movie don’t know what they are doing and manage to show up at different places in the most unprofessional manner possible. As for the girl in the movie, we are never sure what she is doing; not even could she express herself properly as a confused person, if that’s at all she wanted to portray herself, at least in theory. A full no.


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