Laser Facials Are the New Trend and Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Them

  • Surabhi Jain

Have you ever looked at your old photos and thought, “wow? I wish I still looked the same?” the naysayers may tell you to stop to wishful thinking, but you mustn’t! Because even though it’s wishful thinking that doesn’t mean you can get that glow back again. All you need to do is find that fix that works like magic on your skin. Take care of your skin and let it breathe.

So as you go through the new-age treatments to get that youthful glow back, you are likely
to come across this new version of old facials, the laser facials. Now to help you and clear your confusions about this new facial, here is the know-it-all about them.

1. It is said to reduce all sorts of skin imperfections by targeting the deep layers
below the skin’s surface and can even help control pimples and acne.

2. It’s absolutely painless and the results last for up to 6 months. This can be a regular part of your skin regimen.

3. The actual procedure is done within 10 mins, but the results vary from person to

4. Always wear sunscreen when you step out in the sun after getting a facial laser

5. If you have sensitive skin, you should be extra careful and speak with the doctor
about the same.

6. The number of sittings for the laser facial depends on the severity of the skin
imperfections. This can be determined through a consultation.

Dr tvacha clinic has revolutionized the concept of laser facials and their treatment is known to deliver positive results. Dr.Amit Karkhanis, the founder of Dr. Tvacha Clinic states that a laser facial is more result-oriented than other facial treatments. The laser facial treatment at Dr. Tvacha is easy on time and even in the pocket.

I think it’s the time to say goodbye to you parlor didi.

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