Lady Kills a Man – Prank Gone Wrong!

kim jong nam killed

Kim-Jong-Nam, estranged half-brother of Kim-Jong-un (North Korea Premier) was killed at Malaysian International Airport last week. South Korea along with Malaysian government claims that this attack was carried out by Reconnaissance General Bureau, the intelligence wing of North Korea. However North Korea condemned those words and it is asking for the return of Kim-Jong-Nam corpse for carrying out last rituals.

kim jong nam


One of the Airport’s CCTV footage revealed that at least 9 men were involved in the assassination. Since it is of international importance Malaysian police made thorough and vigorous investigation which led their path to a very creepy thing.

                                                                 Siti Aisyah

Malaysian Police nabbed two out of nine suspects who carried out the attack. Their investigations revealed some insane things. These girls stated that they were said to be participating in a prank. One of the two girls, Siti Aisyah, an Indonesian told “I was paid 400 Ringgit for taking part in this prank and really don’t know the real motive  behind this “. She sprayed a deadly poisonous gas VX which can kill a person in 20 minutes, on deceased face which she thought was some kind of Baby Oil. She celebrated her birthday with her friends on the previous night of assassination. She thought of getting into entertainment industry with just one go but it finally landed her in jail.

Be careful sometimes funniest things can turn to be as wild as you never dreamt.


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