“I have nothing to wear. I have to buy new clothes.” If you have a lot of women in your life you must be used to this phrase! Women can have a lot of clothes but she will always have a problem what she should wear.  Women love to shop. Well, not all, but many of us do. Men, on the other hand, don’t seem generally that excited by the activity. Of course, there are some men who enjoy browsing the racks as much as women (if not more), but their percentage as compared to the ladies is very less.

But, what actually is the reason behind it? Is there a scientific explanation behind it too? Yes, there is. Back in 2013, a survey was conducted of 2,000 British people. It was found that men become bored after only 26 minutes of shopping, while it took women a full two hours. The survey found that 80 percent of men didn’t like shopping with their partners and that 45 percent avoiding doing so at all costs. Almost half of all spousal shopping trips ended in arguments, with men becoming frustrated because they bought what they needed straight away, while their partners were still looking and taking too long to make decisions


There is also an additional explanation behind this question of why women love shopping? It may trace back hundreds of thousands of years ago to early human history. Till around 8000 BCE, all humans lived as hunter-gatherers. The women were the “gatherer” half of that duo. And men would go out and hunt down wild animals, while women would forage for wild fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts, and seeds. It’s quite similar to the way women tend to paw every item of clothing in a store before deciding that none of it is “quite right” and moving on to find the item that’s the best.

You should watch this!

Here is another theory as to why women love to shop so much.  Polly Young-Eisendrath, professor of psychiatry and psychology at the University of Vermont, puts forward the theory that today’s method of shopping is simply an extension of advertising and commercialism that was created by corporations to encourage women to feel in charge. This phenomenon began in the late Victorian era, well before women even had the right to vote. The coming of women shopping in stores gave the marginalized gender a chance to participate in a significant economic activity; a realm that was previously reserved just for men.

Now, I think we should also listen to women’s point of view as to why they love shopping?

  • Shopping makes us happy

According to the fairer gender, when you are depressed or you feel lonely, shopping solves the problem in one moment. It gives you a lot of pleasure. Your life changes a little bit when you buy a new thing.

  • Because we Have the Money

There is something extremely good about being able to spend your own hard-earned money on yourself and the people you love. There is a sense of independence in being able to buy a pair of Steve Madden shoes without the guilt of spending someone else’s money.

  • The world is not enough

Everyone wants something more than he already has. And this fact is no different for women. If she bought a dress, she needs to buy a pair of shoes,  a bag, some accessories and so on. And it will never end. She will always want something new.

So, go grab a bag and begin to shop!





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