Kulbushan Jadhav : Another Scapegoat in Pakistan’s foul play


It was not a new thing for Pakistan, to paint someone innocent person as a cold-blooded terrorist. At the same time, it was also ironic that a sponsor of terrorism calls itself as a victim of it.

Since many decades Pakistan had abducted many Indians and framed them as terrorists, imprisoned and finally put to death. Its cruel nature is beyond any expression, where it doesn’t even spare poor Indian farmers who unknowingly enters Pakistan state. In order to satisfy the public’s aggression over terrorist attacks in Pakistan, It’ll frame some innocent being as a terrorist.

Kulbhushan Jadhav became another such victim in Pakistan’s foul play. He was arrested last year by Pakistan army on the charges of sedition and espionage, in Balochistan province. Pakistan blamed him for spying Indian intelligence agency R&AW (Research and Analysis wing). However, India denied the charges. India recognized him as Kulbulshan Jadhav, who used to work in Indian Navy. But he took premature retirement and working in a construction company in Iran. Further, India strongly condemned Pakistan from abducting him from Iran.

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Soon after his arrest, Pakistan released a video in which Kulbhushan Jadav confessed himself as an agent working for R&AW. But it was not really a big deal since a 5th-grade student can also make such false videos with ease.

Finally, he sentenced to death by Pakistan Military court on 10th April 2017. Indian government strongly responded to it. They called Pakistan High-Commission in New Delhi and stated that “if this sentence is to be carried out, then the government and people of India would regard it as a case of premeditated murder.”

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An instance of this kind has happened earlier also in the case of Sarabjit Singh. He also trailed to the death sentence by Pakistan Government on 2nd May 2013. Indian Government is trying it’s best to roll back the death sentence on Kulbhushan Jadhav. The Indian government didn’t assure to bring Kulbhushan Jadhav alive. Only time decides his fate.

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