Koto Tamo Peva



A Yugoslavian film based during the cold wars of Siberia, it centres around how the lives of each and every individual was affected in the end. Sitting at the back she watched as Krstic sr.  Has encountered a flat tire. She listened to him as he tells a pass-by to inform the people at the bus stop about the flat tire and that they need to wait a while. After fixing it up, she watched as Misko started the bus and headed to the bus stop. She noticed the crowd of people already waiting there. As the bus stops. She stared as they rushed to the door waiting for it to be opened only to have the conductor exit from the front door. She listened as he spoke to them telling them to wait while he went round the bus to check on the tire. Suddenly, Misko appears on the scene asking his father if he should open the door or not. After getting confirmation and opened the door. She watched as every one of them rushed in without even noticing her at all. Seeing as she sat at the back, it was kind of surprising. As the journey went on, she listened to the passengers as they sat and complained about all kinds of things. She watched as the conductor went round collecting money and giving out the tickets. She listened as the old man- who was a veteran, refuse to pay for his ticket at the start and them after he felt that he was being insulted by the singer, ordered the conductor to give him five tickets, this caused an uproar in the bus where the conductor shouted at Misko to stop the bus, she he did immediately causing his father to fly to the front of the bus.  

She watched a the conductor flung open the door next to her to kick the old man out but got distracted as a hunter tried getting onto the bus. She listened as the conductor told him that he can’t get on because it was against the rules and he had to run to the nearest bus stop which was another two hundred metres. Shutting the door, she stared at him as he ordered Misko to start the bus, forgetting while he stopped it in the first place until he got to the old man and asked him if he was willing to buy only one ticket or none at all. As the journey continues, the pick up a newly married couple and the hunter who finally reached the next bus stand. Then they moved on until they stopped again as Krstic sr. Stooped at his brother’s to pick up some pork and three pigs. She watched the passengers get off and walk around waiting for them to finish. After getting back onto the bus, still without noticing her, they met more obstacles on the way, with the funeral and then diverting off the road as well as not being able to cross a farmers land nor being able to cross the bridge. When they finally stopped for lunch, she remained in the bus even after the army came and borrowed it, before bringing it back. It would seem that they as well did not notice her. Finally when they made it back on the main road. Until the old man realised that he lost his wallet. As they argued about this and blamed the gypsies, they all stopped talking when they heard the noise of a plane before the bomb gets dropped near the bus with all of them in it


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