Knowledge Is Power When Used Wisely


“Knowledge is power,” a well said proverb by Francis Bacon that emphasizes on the fact, a more knowledgeable person with more of his knowledge will be able to control the circumstances of his life as per his requisite. Every day we come across a huge variety of endless streams of information and knowledge from every angle. Its all about our outlook towards it and the way we opt to grab some of it for our own benefit. All of this stuff is great and damn helpful only if we know a way to apply it for good and use it in our interest.

An aforesaid title is a wise quote, ” knowledge is power, but using it wisely is a key to success.” Whatever may the field be, that you choose for your career, you just have to be smart enough to use it to the best of you. If a person has a complete knowledge of the issues affecting his life, he will find himself far more superior than others. He will also not be left behind to wait for someone else to help him. Knowledge being one of the strongest tools to the mankind provides us with the power that can be defeated by no other power on earth.

Knowledge and power are like a soul and body together guy which helps us to face and overcome the hurdles and difficulties the life offers. We humans are far weaker than many of the giant and dangerous animals, but only in terms of physical strength. Through knowledge, we have managed to secure the title of the most powerful living being just because of the knowledge that we are the masters of. We are the most cunning and clever creature born on the earth and icing on the cake is our ability to acquire and preserve the knowledge gained.

Not just the knowledge we can also preserve our valuable researches and experiments and experiences in the books so as to forward it to the succeeding generations. Its all in the mind, no one can steal or purchase our precious knowledge through money and physical strength. It provides us an easy and effective ways to come out of the troubles we get indulged in. Not just the power, knowledge helps us attain every asset for a prosperous, healthy and easy-going living. It earns us money, name, fame, health, reputation, success, respect and what not.

Embark the point that knowledge lets you transform your planning into an eye-pleasing reality. It helps you differentiate between the right and wrong and good and bad. It also facilitates you with the courage and confidence to overcome your weaknesses and flaws thus, making you a better person overall. It makes us powerful in terms of mental, social, moral and spiritual advancements. Knowledge is a great tool to gain positive changes in the society. Use it in the best way you can. Acquire knowledge from every angle that you can and your life would as easy as a flow of water in the river.


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