Maninder Singh

Maninder Singh is a professional kabaddi player and is the lead raider of Bengal Warriors.  Currently, he holds the record of being the fastest raider in the league, who scored 500 raid points in 56 matches. 

He was born on 1st January’90 and was brought up in Jalandhar. He joined the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Kabaddi Club, where he learnt the tricks, under the guidance of coach Hanumant Singh. He also served as ASI in Punjab Police.    

Beginning his Career

He started his career in Pro Kabaddi League in 2014, playing for Jaipur Pink Panthers. The team won the inaugural season of the league, and he was rated as the third-best raider of the season with 130 raid points. 

Just after this start to his career, he was injured and missed the next three seasons of the league. Maninder resumed his career in the fifth season of Pro Kabaddi League. He was back with a great start, and he proved that he was top drawer, leading Bengal raiding gang with 190 points. He was retained because of his significant impact in the last season.

Bengal Warrior - Maninder Singh
Bengal Warrior – Maninder Singh

As of now, Maninder Singh has played 44 matches in Pro Kabaddi League as of now and has scored a total of 329 points. He has made 542 total raids with a success rate of  47.41% and scoring 320 points. He also has nine super raids and 14 super 10’s.

He has played for Jaipur Pink Panthers and Bengal Warriors

Talking about his personal life, he is married to Simran Kaur Pannu and is a very socially active person. He is quite smart enough to get the defenders and makes fewer mistakes. He is clever enough to touch them and leave for his court. And that is what made him successful in most of the matches. 

Pro Kabaddi Stats of Maninder Singh

The below stats show that he has on an average got more than 8 points. And due to his heroic performance, his overall performance is 9. He is a good raider but needs to work on his other skills like escaping from defenders chain, dubki, taking bonus point, etc. If he learns to do that, he becomes really dangerous for other players as well.

Have a complete brief on stats –


Played Seasons  Matches Played  Raid Points  Super Raids  Tackle Points  Super Tackle  Total Points 
1 16 130 3 19 1 137
5 21 190 6 13 0 192
6 22 122 1 1 123


Know more about him, here

Maninder Singh is also a part of Indian National Kabaddi team which won the 2017 Asian Kabaddi Championship.

Well, apart from all this Maninder is a combination of immense strength and speed which he used to push away in case any defender block him. He is known for his great sportsmanship and spirit. Usually, he is in the news for his amazing work, the way he performs, and his success rate in every match. Indian Kabaddi Team is proud to have a player like him.


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