Kitchen conversation with mom

Virat with his mom
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One of the best things my mom do is to make delicious food. With all the love and dedication, she makes perfect things for everyone. She is the one whom I look up to as soon as I get home.

She spends her most of the time in the kitchen trying different and new recipes.Even if she is not making something new, she is busy in preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner. The kitchen is the best place to catch her when I want approval for something or just want to tell about someone.

Why mother?

You know that your mother is never going to judge you. She is the one who made you learn the differentiation of things or choices in life. She helps you in finding you stuff that became important just a moment ago and with the things you have lost, many years ago.She shares her day-to-day experiences with you to tell you how and what to do if you get stuck in the same situation.Why not tell her the things that are going in your life?

Sharing with mom
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Because she is your mother

She is a good listener and always comes up with appropriate solutions.She is just like you. You have inherited your thought process from her. She was the one who made you learn how to speak. If you think that the age gap is going to be a barrier in sharing your life experiences with her, you are thinking wrong.

Learning with mom
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Age is just a number and she welcomes every new thought just as she has replaced kitchen accessories with latest technologies. Her open-mindedness is the reason why she does not interfere when you want to be alone. Indian parents generally do not think about their wards personal space but your mother understands the need of private space and provides you the same.

She understands

Mom understands
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Listen to her stories and you will find out that she was also a rebellious teenager, just like you are now. She too loved going out and hanging out with friends. She was very passionate about singing or playing table tennis. You will come to know that there is still a young soul that seeks for your approval to open up. When you start sharing this kind of bond with your mother, some of the things get really cool. Apart from sharing a friendly bond, you get a perfect back to cover up your mischievousness.

The perfect place to talk:

The kitchen:

Yes. The kitchen is a perfect place to talk to your mother. She might be cutting vegetables or doing the dishes but will always be attentive when you are opening up.

Virat with his mom
Image source: Hamariweb

A friend of mine planned a surprise gift for her parents from her first salary. Though she had a gift idea in her mind but still was confused because the gifts were expensive. She was not worried about the cost but was worrying about the usability of such an expensive gift. Thus she decided to discuss this with her mom and then buy it. She caught her up in the kitchen as it was the safest place from where her dad could not listen to anything and discussed everything (About the personal choice of colors and sizes). Her mom promised her to keep the secret of the gift till she gets it for them. Now, by discussing this thing with her mom, the surprise element has gone but she made it sure that the gift she is going to buy for them will not be a useless item. When she presented it to them, her mom winked and acted surprised. Her father was really surprised by how she selected the perfect color.

Just by discussing some things with mom we can get to a better conclusion.

What to talk about:

About any serious relationship:

Talking to mom
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It will be great if you discuss this with your mother. She has always been worried about you and her hunt for your perfect partner is never going to end. She wants the best for you. Let’s make it easy for her by sharing the thoughts on this topic. You may not want to get married early and you have already told her that.Once she will get an idea of what you like in a person and what are your preferences, she will give you proper space and time.You just have to convey your messages right.Having a face to face conversation builds a strong relationship with her. She will neglect all the pressures from outsiders if she knows that what is actually going in your life. Never ever hide any relationship with her as she is the one who can tell you that the other person is really serious about you.

About fashion:

Fashion tips from mom
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Mothers have seen fashion changing. The same patterns come again as we say the fashion repeats itself. She can give you an idea how you can mix and match those out of trend clothes with the new ones. If you are a boy who does not have very good choice of selecting colors she is the one who has a better color understanding. And for her daughter, she picks some super elegant stuff from her own shelf to give you that perfect look for the first presentation.

Ready for presentations
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Her secret ingredients in recipes:

My mom had always told me to leave the cooking part on her and concentrate on studies. But on Sundays, I find it fun to help her in the kitchen. Cutting the vegetables just like I want or finding some recipes of cakes and baking it together. You can get some tips from her to manage when she is not at home. Her tips help a lot when you move out of your house for the first time. She will share all the recipes with you and also the best way to cook it which no cookbook can tell you.

Mom's secret ingredients
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They are the bosses of houses:


Saving tips from mom
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She does not have any pigi banks but whenever I need it, she takes out money from different boxes in cupboard, shelves etc.Mothers can manage the financial issues very well. They are the one whose saving comes as a savior at times of crisis or when you have already spent your pocket money and still needs something more. You can talk about the current situation and the way to save more. The advice will be priceless for you if you learned it how and where to save.


The good part of your day:

Sharing jokes with mom
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We all have good and bad parts in a day. You can share stuff that you find really cool. You can give her the information you find it useful. A joke that made you laugh or names you call for those you unlike the most. Share the good part of your day to start a light conversation with your mother.


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