Movies of Aamir khan-Never failed to impress people!


This list of the movies makes us believe Aamir khan is a “Cleaver Picker.” Choice of  his movies is Complete packages of love, Romance, commercial, Mass and thrill that attract all ages of people.


Dangal is a Biographical Sports film. Dedication of Aamir Khan for the movie is more than his passion of acting. The picture is all about Mahavir Singh Phogat, a wrestle, who trains his daughters to be wrestlers. And Aamir Khan did his complete honest to the character! Moreover, He lived through it.

3 Idiots

3 Idiots is a Beautiful picture for our Youngsters. It was derived from the novel Five point someone by Chethan Bhagat. Here Aamir khan gave “Ever cool man” character. He makes clear about our education system in simple and in crystal clear form and explains the concept of practical knowledge. He proves that college life is a bag of love and friendship.


Lagaan is the soul movie for cricket Lovers. In this movie Man of uniqueness nails his character. He bring out the innocence of a typical village man.It completely screens the struggle of the village people to save their motherland. One of the movies which brought sport film to trend.


Ghajini is romantic thriller movie. Aamir proved this “Art of romantic act” in this movie. The pain of lost love and revenge gets its own viewers. Aamir khan did his complete justice to it. Physique and attitude of him shows his commitment.The movie shows the power of true love. Ghajini is a gem picture of Aamir.

Rang De Basanti

Rang De Basanti is totally different Journey of Aamir khan. This shows that Aamir khan is choosy in his choices. The story line is rare pick of him. Its like social-interest movie and depicts wealth of being together and consistency. This film made to understand the strength of friends in our life.

Taare Zameen par

Taare zameen par always remains a Cute and adorable shot of him. This movie proves Aamir khan tries to pull all ages of people. It teaches a good lesson handling a day today children. On seeing this movie, ever person wish to have Teacher like Aamir khan. An evergreen movie of Bollywood.


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