Kerala Floods Causing Havoc in the State


Flood is one most common natural disaster that many states of India face on almost a regular yearly basis. Monsoon especially is a time when many states, especially the plains see the worst phases. Right now one state of India, Kerala, is witnessing very dire conditions due to incessant rains and the resulting flood.

The floods of Kerala have reached a very dangerous state and have claimed 29 lives, leaving more than 54,000 people homeless till now as per reports which clearly reflects the alarming magnitude of the flood. One of the major causes of this flood is the opening of multiple shutters of the Indukki dam as it surpassed its water retaining capacity because of non-stop heavy rains after giving high alert all through the state. Following this, the flood condition became even worse. The Navy have already started its rescue mission and any possible damage control plan. The Southern Naval Command has launched ‘Operation Madad’ to assist the state government in the whole process. The Chief Minister of the state has requested anyone who can to contribute to the Chief Minister’s relief fund. Tamil Nadu and Karnataka governments have already contributed Rs 5 crores and Rs 10 crores to it respectively. The central government is also keeping track of the situation in Kerala. Rescue camps have been set up in numerous places and more than 50,000 people already occupy them.

Many districts of the state are now waterlogged and facing heavy damage to property and danger to lives. The heavy flood has also triggered landslides in some areas to add to the woes. A red alert has been announced in most of these places. 10 teams of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) have now joined the Navy in the rescue and relief mission.  Earlier today, a Sea King helicopter added as an aid for rescue along with additional divers and other equipment in Wayanad, one of the most flood-affected areas of Kerala. 80 army personnel were also added from the Madras Regiment for the rescue and relief of the tourists at Pallivasal in Idukki and the tourism minister of Kerala, Kadakampally Surendran have shared through Facebook that all tourists have been rescued to safety without any harm with their help.

Flood conditions are the worst in Idukki, parts of northern Kerala and Palakkad district but rescuers are working tirelessly round the clock for help to reach all the affected areas and people at its earliest. All we can do now is pray and hope that the flood does as less damage as possible and conditions turn for the better soon and perhaps contributing as little or more as we can to the relief fund to lend a helping hand to our suffering countrymen.


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