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Kendall Jenner has not only made waves on the runaway but her Model Off-Duty looks have proven that she has got her style on point. Here are 10 Kendall Jenner looks that you can recreate easily.

This look is girly and sporty at the same time. A printed high-waisted skirt and a crop top is perfect for the summer. Adding a jacket is the perfect way to elevate the look but still make it wearable.

Kendall Jenner
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Kendall Jenner made headlines when she posted a snap of her underboob with this look. A simple crop top with an uneven ripped helm and some simple blue jeans and you’re good to go. You can even adopt this style with longer tops to make them more unique and edgy.

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This look is perfect for a simple day out or running errands. You can get a simple striped tee and some knee rip jeans anywhere these days. This look is both comfortable and stylish.

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This look gives the perfect summer vibes because of the hat. The distressed white jeans and the off-white top are something you can wear anywhere any day.

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Long flowy shrugs are trending right now. They are easy to style and are available in different prints and colours. They can be paired with crop tops and jeans or some simple denim shorts too.

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A perfect summertime outfit, a sleeveless graphic tee and some ankle length white pants look chic and comfortable. You can replace the heels with some sneakers to make the look more comfortable.

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This look is a perfect model off-duty look. The pastel knee length skirt and a simple white t-shirt are easy to put together. The hat adds a nice touch to the outfit and makes it even more unique.

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Another piece of clothing that is extremely popular on Instagram and among celebrities is a bralette. Wearing them on top of a t-shirt makes a simple outfit look so much more stylish.

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T-shirts dresses are not only in trend but also perfect for those hot and humid days when you don’t really want to dress up but still want to look good. You can just throw them on and you’ve got yourself a whole outfit.

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This outfit consists of basic pieces- white shirt, light wash jeans, black cardigan, white sneakers and a black handbag. These pieces can be found anywhere these days. This look is perfect when you’re going to the airport or if you’re just running errands. You can replace the cardigan with a black leather jacket too.

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