Karwa Chauth Festival 2018 : Know how to celebrate


You must have seen Suhagan in the movies by dressing up and taking Sieve her hands in front of the moon and then look your husbands. This fast celebrated with great enthusiasm women in North India. It is very much seen in Bollywood movies. Karwa Chauth is a festival in Indian tradition, which celebrates Suhagan with full enthusiasm. On this day women keep fast all day long. With the sunrise in the morning, the process of worship begins, which ends with the Moon Darshan at night. Apart from this, the story of Karva Chauth is also a special contribution in the legislation of this fast. The women read the story of this fast by performing adornments, then this fast is considered complete. Know what is this year, the auspicious time for the worship of Karva Chauth and the important story to be heard during this fast.

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This time Karwa Chauth is being celebrated on 27th October i.e. Saturday. Actually, the fast of Karwa Chauth is celebrated exactly 9 days before Deepawali. This fast every year comes on Chaturthi of the Kartik month.

The auspicious time for worship of Karwa Chauth is from 05:36 to 06.55 pm in the evening. Whereas the time of moonlight is 8 o’clock. The women who worship the moon by offering the water can do worship in this time.


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