Karnataka State BJP legislator’s controversial statement: The floods in Kerala came from the open killing of cows


Bharatiya Janata Party MLA Basan Gowda Patil Yatanal from Vijaypur in Karnataka has once again given the controversial statement. He said connecting the floods in Kerala with the killing of cows that people are punished for its punishments. He said that whoever would hurt the feelings of Hindus, he would have done the same way.

Speaking on the devastation caused by the floods in Kerala, BP Yatanal said, “Nobody should be fooled by anybody’s religious sentiments. Now look in Kerala, what is happening? They used to kill cows in the open, for a year Even less time did not happen that it happened. Anyone who hurts the sentiments of Hindus will receive a similar punishment. ”

Indeed, BP Yatnal’s gesture was on the Beef Festival held in the Canteen of Kerala Assembly last year, which was organized by the Central Government to protest against the order of procurement and execution of animals. During this time many MLAs had been drinking beef in the canteens.

Yatanal is the same MLA, who had been in the headlines by Kargil Vijay Day a few days ago, saying that if he was the Home Minister of the country, then he would shoot and shoot the intellectuals. Self BP Yatanal, who has been the Union Minister of State for the third term of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, is currently MLA from Karnataka’s Vijaypur constituency. Often remain in discussion with disputed statements. Yatanal, many other times have said the disputed things. Some time ago he had raised controversy with the newly elected councilors advising Muslims not only to work for the Hindus.


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