Karnataka Election Results Out : BS Yeddyurappa to be Sworn in as the New CM


BS Yeddyurappa will be the next CM! The assembly elections in Karnataka, which have been very much in news in the past few days is finally over with the declaration of the results. There were a total of 224 seats for which different parties contested the elections. Out of the 224 seats, the results for 222 are out and 2 are yet to be known. BJP has once again taken the polls by storm and become the winning party.

As per the outcome of the polls Bharatiya Janata Party because the leading political party securing a total number of 104 seats in all. Following BJP, the Indian National Congress won 78 seats while JD(S) and the independent candidates along with other minor parties won 37 and 3 seats respectively.


As seen in the tally, no party, even BJP, with the most number of seats in the assembly, have been able to win a clear majority of the seats. The total number of seats declared seats being 222, BJP needs to win over at least 7 more seats and bring it to their side to form a majority collation government with 111 seats.

Following the outcome of the polls, the Governor of Karnataka, Shri Vajubhai Vala has given his consent to BJP to form the next ruling party of the state after allowing the said party a time frame of 15 days to show its majority in the assembly. Earlier today, in the evening, the governor met with some representatives from BJP and JD(S), the two parties who have come together and have claimed to be a majority power in the state. These two parties are in favour of forming a collation government.

BS Yeddyurappa, one of the leading political leaders of the state who contested the election from BJP have been declared as the next Chief Minister of Karnataka. He is to take the oath for his new office tomorrow.

But this news has spread like wildfire among all the political sphere of the state and nation altogether causing a massive political stir. Many of the prominent political figures of the state who bongs to other states opposed the Governor’s decision and a huge outcry is being carried out against it from different corners of the state.

After Karnataka governor invited BJP to form the government in the state, JDS leader HD Kumaraswamy says, “By giving 15 days time (to prove majority) governor is encouraging horse-trading by BJP leaders, this is unconstitutional. We will discuss the future plan.” Mr Surjewala says, “Amit Shah and BJP today sanctioned an encounter of the constitution and the law. Governor has subjugated the law and shamed the office of governor and I don’t think such a person has the right to continue.”

Congress has taken the matter to the Supreme Court where a plea against the Governor’s decision of allowing BJP to form the government in Karnataka is placed. The party has even approached the Chief Justice for an urgent hearing.

Although the outcome of the plea is yet not known and no other judgements have been passed yet it is almost clear that Karnataka is to greet its new CM in the face of BS Yeddyurappa tomorrow after the oath-taking ceremony.



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