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Not everything in this world is as harsh as we think. Every moment, everything has it’s own karma and process accordingly. Remember, each of your actions has its causes and effects. You can control the effects and prevent the causes. But when you’re not determined to do so, you’ll absolutely face every inch of its consequences. 

As we know “We deserve for our own happiness and sorrows. There is nothing like spirits to act upon us. But there is a chance where our actions and we can even rewrite our fate and belongings. Even our thoughts have its results over us. Positive one gives you best vibes and negative one will always result in you the worse case on the other hand. If one can’t help people, at least thinking ill about others should always be resistible. Resist yourself from rage, curse and anger when someone doesn’t help you in any way. 

Distancing yourself from negativity, not only helps yourself but also your circle. Stay away from those who push you down and one who never belongs your side at any cause. Carrying rage over a long period is injurious to our health and wealth. Learning stuff from your mistakes and imperfections is the best skill that one can owe for themselves. Self-care is the basic quality to possess and develop the same.

“Potentiality speaks about you.” The way you develop and maintain your capability and talents defines your stage in your circle even in society. I could remember those words I usually used to hear from my school principal. Personality shape you not only studies. Your discipline and behaviour that engrave your attitude and of course character too.

“Fill your life with colours and art.” Every moment even every single situation will break you into pieces but mould you back into matured portrait, where everyone would admire you and learn from you. Wear your uniqueness, keep your face forward and keep working on your goal. “Nothing is impossible if you dedicate your mind to your goal every day, you will eventually find a way to happen.” Train your heart and soul to stay positive always and to get up when you fall. 

Three simple rules in life,

If you do not go after what you want, you‘ll never have it.

If you do not ask, the answer will always be no.

If you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place”.


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