Afterall We Are Humans!


Every time when I find someone happy I just wish them all joy and happiness forever. And always pray that “Let God give them strength and courage to face their hard times! Yes, life has its own karma to play equal happiness and sadness. Wishing people good is always blessings to ourselves too. 

Every human has their own positivity and negativity. It is necessary to focus on either side of the coin but grasping it to our heart needs to be optional. Either learn good things from them or ignore the faults. Complaining is no way gonna change any circumstances. 

Thoughts for others need to be controlled and should be as good as we can. Thoughts are more influential to ourselves than others more positive you think, the more you gain love. The more you think negative, the more you get drained into the ocean. Appreciate people when you find them attractive, talented or even if you spot them good enough. 

Choose to be one, where people can move smoothly and get into interesting chat with you. Being rude or even tongue zipped can make you look scary and head-Weighted. Remain cool whatever situation it can be. 

Handling things and situations make you more magnetic and pull people towards you. Listen. “when you talk, you speak what you know already. But when you listen, you put something new into your brain.”

Not every individual under this sky is purely, cent percent perfect. Accept the faults, hug the difficulties and smile through sorrows. Life is just delicate crap to have, and why is it that necessary to be serious. Fly through your attitudes, dive by your endowments and stand forward with your good deeds. Every god and bad deeds of your actions have its own karma and answer. After all, we are just “Human.


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