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Karan Johar’s new radio chat show on Ishq 104.8 FM, “Calling Karan” launched on 7th December 2017.  Ishq FM is India’s only romantic radio station. Karan Johar connects with his listeners and offers them relationship advice and his views on various different topics like online dating, long-distance relationships and public display of affection or Public Dikhava of Ashique as he refers to it. His witty jokes, celebrity friends and eye-widening advice have ensured its success.

It is a unique radio show in its essence, as 8 episodes of Calling Karan is available online as webisodes. This makes the listeners feel even more connected to the show as now they can watch his reactions and expressions too. This is the distinctive feature of simulcasts; to provide entertainment for various segments of the population.

Karan Johar is known to stir up gossips and uproot scandals; his famous talk show Koffee with Karan has made him India’s favourite host. Hence, it comes as a surprise to no one that his career as an RJ too will be full of stimulating and unconventional talks and will once again raise the eyebrows of many of his viewers.

Some of the problems that people have gone to him for are extremely bizarre in nature. It is a whole bunch of people falling in and out of love, cheating and dealing with jealousy. It comes as a treat to the show’s viewers to see Karan’s expressions on the various issues, although his advice causes a lot of groans and eye rolls for sure.

He has managed to shock a number of his viewers, including yours truly. Some of his recommendations are most certainly controversial in nature. When Geetanjali asked if she should agree to a friend with benefits relationship with her childhood best friend’s boyfriend, Karan, although, told her that she should talk to her friend later also gave her the ‘go ahead’ signal.

Moreover, he also advised 22 years old, Kushant to swipe right (show that he is interested) in his university professor on an online dating app. According to KJo, if she is present on the website it means that she might just be interested in young boys and even her students!

Keeping all this aside, Calling Karan has some unique features that it offers to his audience. Karan’s Surprise Caller is a segment on the show where celebrities offer their opinions on the topic of discussion. Bollywood stars like Sanjay Dutt, Kriti Sanon, Vidya Balan and Tiger Shroff have shared their views on multiple scenarios.

Reverse Rapid Fire is another segment of the show and owes its name to a segment on his show Koffee With Karan. Here callers from all across the country fire questions to him which might be a little provocative in nature and are made to make him feel uncomfortable.

Karan’s Love Bite, with its unique name, offers a hamper to the caller from the Reverse Rapid Fire which was the most controversial in nature. This ensures a lot of callers as Karan’s hampers are desired by many.

Lastly, the show ends with a Karan’s Verdict. Here KJo offers his final opinion on the topic of discussion. He expresses his views and what he believes is right and wrong. For example, his final verdict on Public Display of Affection was that he simply hates it. He despises PDA and often tells the couples who are indulging in the act to “get a room”.
These innovative features ensure a higher public interaction. It also makes the show very interesting to watch and/or listen to.

Dealing with a multi-platform show can be daunting for many. But Karan Johar has done it with ease. Adding another job profile to add to his CV, he has successfully become a talked about RJ. With his unmatched ability to put his listeners to ease, he managed to make them admit to things which they probably did not want to.

To explain a little more on what simulcast really is- it Simulcast, simultaneous broadcast, is the broadcasting of programs or events across more than one service on the same medium, or more than one medium, at exactly the same time.

In universities with multiple campuses, simulcasting may be used for a single teacher to teach the class to students in more than one location at the same time, using video conference tool.

Simulcasts are also used for the purposes of television ratings, mainly with awards ceremonies such as the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards and the MTV Video Music Awards where the ceremony airs on other sister channels in the same corporate family.
This show definitely has the makings of becoming truly iconic. Moreover, the fact that it is a simulcast, Calling Karan knows how to reach out to its audience. One can easily access it on the radio, see it on YouTube or download the podcasts. With its bizarre anecdotes, the crazy love stories and the even crazier advice, Calling Karan is here to entertain.

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