Kannathil Mutham Ittal

  •  Kimberly Okesalako

The word struggle is one that has a lot of meaning present in it. It could deal with a variety of things ranging from politics to identity, from cultural to community, from race to religion. When dealing with this word it is important to know that a person’s struggle is one that does not only affect him but also the people that surrounds them as well. It creates a new kind of aura around the person and unconsciously the people around them also pick it up. The day to day life activity also gets affected. People find it difficult to function and their minds drench up various scenarios which could have caused their struggle and which could be a result of it as well. Yet, we find ourselves going out of our way to help those who are facing this problem, regardless of whether it may lead to our downfall or not.

This movie shows various kinds of struggles that an individual may come across in their lives. There is that of the mother both real and adopted. Then there is also that the child faces. On the whole, there is the huge political struggle between the Sri Lankan body and the Tamil community that can be said to have generated everything else. Every child grows up in a family feeling wanted and loved. Fights and Arguments with the parents and siblings become a part of that daily life. They are those who say that a close family is one who fights all the time.

Finding out that you are adopted has a really huge impact on a person’s life. It becomes difficult for them to handle anything else except questioning the reason why someone gave them up. The human social psyche is one that causes us to generate a kind of thinking about ourselves that is generated from that of others. The girl Amudha is a nine-year-old child who had just been told that she was adopted. For a child who has been brought up in a loving household, we would think that she would have been content with what she has been given, even though it is only natural to question such things. However, that is not the case here.

Amudha is a child raised in a family where the father is a writer and questions everything. She also has picked up this habit and placed in a situation like this, a lot of questions have risen.

Amudha struggles with the fact that she was adopted and being a physical boisterous child, she takes it out the only way she knows how. However, she becomes ignorant as to how her behaviour is affecting others.

Not only the parents but the younger siblings as well. When she runs away from home, the only thought in her head was that her real mother (Shyama) didn’t want her. However, she failed to realise that she did in fact have a family that wanted and loved her. With only those thoughts in her mind, she blocks out everything else and becomes selfish in her quest to find her mother. This all becomes solved when her father agrees to help her find her mother. They travel to Sri Lanka looking for the village of Mankulam, where it is said that her birth mother lives. We all hear about war zones and it’s effects that it has on the people. Here, the whole family got to face what struggles their community faces and have a front row show. Yet, we see that Amudha has not really grasped the concept of what is happening with her mind only focused on one thing.

Her adopted mother tries to balance the struggle she is facing and the feeling that the child she has loved and raised so long could but her emotions into such a dilemma. The phone call she makes to her two younger sons shows the emotional struggles that they are going through and the closest way to act out would be verbally which is what they did during the phone call. We still see Amudha as a girl who becomes self centred on her problems and soon begins to pity herself. When they realise that they entered the wrong Mankulam village.

They search for the right place and to avoid any more heart breaks the father goes to search for Shyama first. Successful this time they head to the designated place to meet her and had a whole day of waiting. We see Amudha being restless and begins to doubt herself. Whether that’s why her mother left her.

This becomes shortened when they see the army pull up, trying to leave, Amudha begins to throw a tantrum causing them to become delayed when the park turns into a war zone. It took until her mother got hurt for her to realise the consequences of her actions so far.

In the end, Amudha does get to meet her birth mother and attempts at asking her various questions for which answers left her in more doubt. However, she realises her birth mother left her for a reason and when it becomes possible would love to meet her again.


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