Justin Bieber is here! Let us all get Ready, shall we?

Justin Beiber India

The wait is finally over with only about 24 hours to go people are enthralled by the concert of the Grammy award winner singer Justin Bieber in India and why wouldn’t they be, he is one of the most loved singer of our generation, I’m pretty sure everyone still remembers the lyrics of ‘Baby’.

The concert is one of the most expensive concerts till date at $4mn. The tickets ranged from Rs.5040 and went up to Rs. 76,000, the tickets are mostly sold out and only a few remains so guys hurry up. Many bollywood stars have reportedly confirmed attending the gig which includes Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Sunny Leone etc. Apart from attending the concert it has been rumoured to have Salman Khan or Shahrukh Khan host the show. Also Deepika Padukone might be performing in the concert (can you imagine the fandom under one roof?). Justin has also given out 100 passes to the underprivileged kids in India, one of the kids being a son of an auto rikshaw driver who has received the golden ticket. Must say he is a man of a huge heart. So it’s also said that singers may perform alongside Justin Beiber which is great because he totally needs to see and experience the talent that India possess. Musician Alan Walker will headline the opening act for Bieber’s concert now that means the show will be totally worth it.

Justin Bieber India

The alleged ‘tour rider’ has been leaked, yeah. The rumours 10 containers being flown in with items like a ping-pong table, playstation, IO HAWK, sofa set, washing machine, refrigerator, upholstery, wardrobe cupboard, massage table, Jacuzzi being behind the stage and many more might or might not even be true, but considering the fact that he’s a global star all of this might as well be true. Justin Beiber on his tour will be shown around the city by none other than Jacqueline Fernandez.

As for his security more than 500 cops are to accompany him. He will be visiting India for almost 3-4 days and will be visiting most of India. He’ll be given a taste of Indian cuisine of all the states on the very first day. Plates made up of gold and silver are being made just for him (wow!). Overall the entire tour will be over whelming not just for the fans but also for him. Having said that his musical tour around the world will end in the last week of September.

Justin Bieber India

Justin Bieber has acquired a lot of love for himself by everyone around India and the world. This show will definitely prove to be a success and I would like to wish him and his entire team good luck for the journey. Also guys get ready already! Take the salon sessions required, dress up in your best avatar. Don’t drink too much or get too high. (P.S. avoid wearing heels, you’ll dance and end up hurting your feet).

So Beliebers Keep Calm and be all the more excited.


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