The role of the judiciary is an essential aspect of our country because without it we will not be able to do thing according to rules and regulations. Political leadership, executive machinery, and judicial system are three main aspects of every country because every citizen needs to do things in a systematic way and if anyone wants to know the proper law of a country so law always comes to mind .it gives an equal country for every citizen to speak and live freely in the entire country .judiciary might be delayed but it cannot deny it means every citizen will get justice so it creates a strong impact to follow the constitution and beware of unconstitutional things which are happening in the country and we should know how to attain justice and lives freely

The role of the judiciary came into action when several cases of VVIPS and VIPs will bring into judiciary either by CBI or public interest litigation. So if somebody finds guilty or things which are not acceptable within the constitution so in that case law will come into power for every citizen in the nation. I Indian is alive only if the judiciary alive forever.
Despite several difficulties exist in the country judiciary always plays an essential role to the best of its ability but the administration should be effective and gives an equation for every citizen of the nation .free and fair are the most important pillars of the judiciary.


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