Child marriage will put an end to ‘love jihad’


BJP MLA Gopal Parmar from Agar Malwa has urged parents, especially mothers for fixing marriages of their daughters early in order to prevent love jihad.

“As the girls reach adolescence, their mind starts wandering. I urge the mothers to remain vigilant of the love jihad,” BJP MLA Gopal Parmar said.

He blamed late marriages as the reason for love jihad.

“Earlier, the elders of the family used to fix marriages in the childhood only and those relations used to last longer. Since the 18-year ‘disease’ (legal age bar for a girl’s marriage) has started, many girls have started eloping as the fever of love jihad has gripped,” Parmar added.

When asked how ‘love jihad’ came into this, the BJP MLA said, “It has become evident that some people develop cordial relations with families, show affinity and then exploit women of that family.”

“There are some goonda elements in Muslims who adopt Hindu names to exploit girls in the name of Love Jihad. If marriages are fixed early then girls can be saved from Love Jihad,” Parmar said.

The BJP MLA’s remarks came in the backdrop of a recent alleged ‘love jihad’ case of Kerala.

The question is, why a Hindu adult woman who converted into Islam attracted so much attention from researchers, lawyers, social scientists and media? Is it because she first embraced Islam (allegedly) for her own interest in the religion, then did a ‘love marriage’ to a Muslim amidst ongoing court case for Habious – corpus which was filed by her parents, which was later annulled by the Kerala High Court within a few weeks of the marriage? Or because of the ‘Islamphobia’? or because of the Supreme Court’s decision to free her from parent’s custody to go to the college and ‘meet whomever she wants to meet’?

In Indian value system, love marriages against the wish of the family members or the elders of the community or society are considered an extreme form of revolt against the established family/ community or social norms. The social mindset has been so set also because of the historical past in India where local invaders from different tribes as well as non-Hindus including Muslims and Christians had from time to time invaded cities and destroyed the socio-economic and cultural structure of the existing societies.

There is no term called “Love Jihad”, it’s a fabrication by Sangh Parivar. There are Romeos in all section of the society. What people cannot tolerate is a Hindu girl falling in love with Muslim boys. According to society It’s always better to be within same tradition and culture.

However, child marriage is not a solution at all as we have seen even married woman eloping with another man.


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