Jet Airways Flight 9W 697 : Passengers in Plight Due to Low Cabin Pressure

Who is to Blame?


Jet Airways, one of the leading airways of India has been going through some hard days in the recent times. The authorities are thinking of ways of cutting costs in order to minimize losses. In such a scenario, the recent mishap that occurred in one of its flights seems to have furthered its already existing long list of troubles.

Jet flight 9W 697, a domestic flight from Mumbai to Jaipur flew with more that 150 passengers on board on Thursday, 20th September. But trouble occurred only a few while later after the take off. Due to a careless mistake of the cabin crew who forgot to select a switch that helps maintain the cabin pressure while the flight is in air, all the passengers on board had to go through minor trauma. As soon as the pressure inside dropped, oxygen masks dropped while many passengers suffered nose and ear bleeding. Many others complained of headache too.

Panic arose among the passengers while the authorities of the airways failed to respond immediately. After some time due to rising panic and health troubles, the pilots were forced to turn the flight back to Mumbai where the passengers were immediately attended by doctors in the airport. According to reports, 30 passengers suffered nose bleeding.

The blame for all the trouble that took place falls largely on the cabin crew whose carelessness and forgetfulness caused thread to the lives of so many people. But I think some part of the blame falls on the authorities too who were late to respond. The matter came to major attention only after the photos and videos posted online by the suffering passengers became viral almost immediately.

Any type of official report or statement is yet to be made by the Jet Airways authorities. But as a result of this issue it is needless to say that the amount of troubles have mounted for them. Some of the people have already lodged a legal complaint against them while the Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu have also taken notice of the matter. We hope that all concerned people take a lesson from this incident and take even more safety precautions in the future. After all the lives of many lies in the hands of a few when you are expanded helpless up in the air. They need to be more attentive and immediate to respond to any type of trouble that may happen any time on board.


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