Jasleen Kaur and Sarvajeet Singh Case-The Faker Finally gets a Call


In the year 2015, a so-called sensational topic emerged, when Jasleen Kaur of New Delhi posted a picture of a man posing on his Royal Enfield, but with a different caption, accusing the man of eve-teasing. The Delhi girl accused Sarvjeet Singh of misbehaving with her on the Tilak Nagar traffic signal, while she was going home at night.

The so-called accused and his family had a different story to say. According to them, both the people indulged in a small conflict, when Jasleen captured Sarvajeet’s picture and threatened to sue him. Even the eyewitnesses who were present there told the same thing.

So basically, we don’t know who the exact culprit is. But even before Sarvajeet could speak up for himself, the whole country bashed him and praised Jasleen. Jasleen became a heroic figure and Sarvajeet, a pervert.

Jasleen’s Version

The purpose behind her nonattendance given by her folks is that Kaur is contemplating abroad. They likewise said that she got confirmation in JNU, Delhi, but since of the negative remarks on the online life, she needed to additionally leave the nation and concentrate abroad.

An observer named Vishwajeet Singh came up in the help of Saravjeet and vouched for his guiltlessness. He asserted that he was available at the season of the episode and that it was Jasleen, who had first begun to mishandle and acted up with Saravjeet verbally.

The judge has now allegedly revealed to Singh that if Jasleen does not show up in the following hearing booked in December, a non-bailable warrant will be issued against her. The previous Times Now worker who had an impact in Sarabjit’s character death kept in touch with him a statement of regret through Facebook delivery person after ThePrint’s story got distributed.

After the subsequent story by The Print, Jasleen Kaur, who is presently situated in Canada connected with ThePrint guaranteeing her purity. Jasleen advised their journalist that she needs to live in peace and wouldn’t like to “extend it further”. Jasleen is as of now working for an HR firm in Canada.


Media, especially, took the case into its hands and came to a final judgement that Sarvajeet was a criminal. Journalists called him ‘the National Pervert’, ‘Delhi’s Demon’ and what not. Media did not even consider his side of the story. People perceived, whatever it portrayed. Well, surely media influenced people to judge the wrong, and this is what we call ‘Biased Journalism’.

Sarvajeet’s career, social life and everything got spoilt. Merely in a jiffy, an innocent became a ‘viral pervert’ because of the crime he didn’t even commit. In one of the hearings, Saravajeet was even charged with IPC Section 354A and 506.

Now, it’s been 3 years since the case was started, but the judiciary still couldn’t come to a conclusion, because Miss Jasleen and her family didn’t even show up for a single hearing. Her father claims that she is in Canada for her further studies. But for no reason, that man and his family are fighting and suffering to prove his innocence.

On 30th August 2018, Sarvajeet got a ray of hope, when the judges finally decided to punish Jasleen, if she or her father don’t show up on the next hearing date, which is said to be 1st December 2018.

Now what all Jasleen Kaur did to gain publicity or whatever her reason may be, it was wrong on her part, and can be titled as ‘Feminazism’. Feminazis are the women who misuse their power of feminism and bash men for their personal gains. The concept of Feminism was never meant for this purpose. Feminism is the fight of women for equality and justice. Hence lesson to be learnt: Never misuse your powers. Remember, Karma hits you back.


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