Japan has its first evacuation drill since the World War II

Japan Drill
  • Sindhu Bharathi Anandan

On 22nd January 2018, the capital city of Japan, Tokyo held its first evacuation drill for its citizens. This was done to alert the people what needs to be done during a nuclear missile attack.

The drill was organized in an amusement park in Tokyo.  A warning was issued through loudspeakers:”We have been informed that a missile launch has occurred. Please evacuate calmly inside a building or underground.” Even a park employee was seen running around and repeatedly shouting, “a missile was launched”. More than 250 local residents ran into concrete buildings and into a nearby substation.

There was again an announcement in the loudspeaker that the missile had passed over the greater Tokyo region towards the Pacific Ocean. Although several drills are being held at regular intervals for tsunami evacuation, this act was completely unexpected and gave more sigh to people than relief.

The main purpose of the drill is to be ready for the nuclear missile launch threats from North Korea. There have been few missiles launched by North Korea towards Japan which had sunk in the sea.

This has created an off the stir among the people and there is a constant level of fear and panic among them, though Japan never fails to express its outrage cold relationship with North Korea in every international council, the unification of north and south Korea for Olympics being the recent one.

The Japanese government feels that the drill was to prepare people for staying alert during the catastrophe but the citizens were perplexed about their thought. The Russian government has called these evacuation drills baseless because they feel it is going to increase the threat level for the Japanese from North Korea rather than reducing it.



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