Jamal Khashoggi News Story Making Trouble To Saudi Arabia


When Doland Trump last week revealed that ones Saudi’s king said to him that “he could not survive even for 2 weeks we without Washington support” not only it might hurt the Royal pride of Saudis but also it made Saudi regime to think about again Saudi-U.S relations in the Middle- East is they shaping in right way ? But the clear answer is this, Donald Trump administration is very concern about the hike in oil prices by the OPEC nations and Saudi Arabia is a major stakeholder in that OPEC nations.

But major trouble for Kind Salman is not Ameican uncertanity this global pressure of say this truth about where is Jamal Khashoggi?
People in support of Khashoggi – seeking only one question- Is he alive or not?

Jamal Khashoggi is a loyal Saudi Journalist who works as the columnist in the Washington post, was suddenly got missing from the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul since Tuesday.

Brave man who is comadconsi one of few voices of dissent in Saudi regime was seen doing lunch in London on Monday , he was discussing with his two friends about this article he stated for Washington post about the lack of free speech in the Arab world. He then headed next day to Turn to collect some document from then Saudi consulate in Istanbul even knowing the fact that he is in danger after Royal family is very unusppy the way he dissenting against the ruling family.

As per the plan, he entered the consulate but never returned from there, nobody saw him afterwards. According to Turkish investigaters, Khashoggi was already killed inside the consulate and also his also dismembered. Saudi Arabia comes in deneing its role in missing of the journalist.



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