It’s Time For Indian Women To Work

Indian female work employment share is the lowest in the world.


In India Laxhmi, the goddess of wealth is the symbol of economic prosperity in most of the Hindu household, but even goddess Laxmi is will sad to see the condition that how her earthly sisters in present-day India are faring. India women work most less in among of G20 countries except Saudi Arabia. They just contribute one-sixth of economic output lowest share which is also the lowest in the world. This is the one main unnoticed reason for India being so poor.

Indian women very much lack in joining the labour force. this rate is going down at a very rapid pace. By looking both informal and formal sector the number comes down to low 35% in 2005 to 25 to now. In this span of time India economy doubled in terms of size and working-age women increase to 30millon but in only around 10% or fewer are doing work. Interestingly if the level of female employment comes to the level of male employment then there will more 235m workers in India, more than EU in terms of both genders and will enough to fill every factory in rest of Asia.

According to IMF estimates, if this same level of employment achieved by India then worlds the largest democracy will 27% richer, this means all the people will be on the stage of setting middle-class income status. Beyond the economic benefits there will be various social benefits too like Women will be independent can lead the life according to their way Will help in better child upbringing, this is sweet situation against of current condition there more women beaten by their husbands daily than women in working.

To reverse the female employment rate and make India women work, first, there are many social challenges to overcome that is very conservative and rigid like for an Indian girl from the starting it was told that marriage and persuade the family is her main and primary task and job. Even the after the marriage in husband home they not allowed to work due to social stigma where it’s disrespectful to the family status in the society if home women are working outside. In the survey in 2012 around 84%, Indian have agreed that its more a right to man to work than women when jobs are less. 90% of the jobs were added since 2005 and in that 90% were occupied by man. The people who say that Indian women are themselves not willing to work for them are various counter-evidence in that census data showed that women have agreed that if they will do the job if the job were available, Many government jobs attract the interest of women to work more than man.

There are other problems to be discussed like the lack of employment opportunity in where workforce shifted from the areas where women used to work, in the prime sector the women used to be the main contributor in agriculture and work efficiently in that but machines replaced the women work in the agriculture too.

There is not much scope to see in these low-level services and small scale industries which are been devasted due to lack of economic policy to support them, India should learn from its neighbours like Bangladesh where social customs are same as India but their garment manufacturing increased women working to about 50% the same as in Vietnam where three-quarters of women work . But these manufacturing industries quite absent in India

There are many solutions to this also like,

. Promoting girl education, but only being educated don’t work where figures show us that most of the educated girls much unlikely to engage in the workforce, we have to be socially educated enough to help an educated woman to contribute her knowledge in the country economic development

. Promoting female-friendly workplaces, where policies like maternity leave will be more generous also bringing the polices where women entrepreneur can emerge and come into light also policies to engage women workers in the industrial workforce that is dominated by male workers.

But this waiting progress ignores India’s dismal record, while others countries trying harder to get women into employment Indian political discourse not letting this issue to become on the table also, ready for the day soon when a country like Saudi Arabia will have more female workers than India.


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