It’s a Boy : The English Royal Family Welcomes it’s Newest Member

Royal Baby

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed their new baby, a boy yesterday on the 23rd of April. The new Prince, the third child of the pair was born in St. Mary’s Hospital of England where his elder siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte were welcomed to the world too.

This new baby brought in a wave of joy and celebration across the world. Celebrations are already flooding through the streets of England. With this new birth, the chain of the candidates who stand in line for the throne extends. The baby boy, who is still to be named now stands fifth in line for the royal throne.

The four standing prior to him are his grandfather, Prince Charles, his father, The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William and his elder siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte respectively. Prince Harry, the younger brother of Prince William now moves one step back and stands sixth in line for the throne with the new royal birth.

A large Union Flag has been raised over Buckingham Palace and a State Standard over Windsor Castle to mark the birth of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third child. Also, an easel has been placed outside Buckingham Palace announcing the baby news. It will remain there for 24 hours.

While the fans and the followers of the royal family are celebrating this birth and congratulatory messages are flowing in from all over the world, there is a certain group of Republican activists who are expressing their bitterness and cynicism, similar to that during the time of the birth of his elder siblings.

This group, who are campaigning for the removal of the Queen as the head of the state says that while like every birth this too is a “cause for celebration” – but was also a reminder of the “unfairness of hereditary principle”.They said in a #bornEqual fundraising plea: “The arrival of a new baby is always a cause for celebration. It’s also an opportunity to reflect on what the future might hold. What kind of world will he or she inherit? What opportunities will be open to him or her?… ”

Even after the retaliation and bitterness expressed, it stands nowhere in comparison to the happiness expressed towards this new birth throughout the world. We too congratulate the royal couple for their newest family addition and wish the baby a happy and healthy life ahead!


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