Italy far-right government closing it’s door for migrants under the slogan of “Italy first”

Itlay turns away rescue ship carrying around 224 migrants.


“Italy first” this is an idea and motive of newly formed collision government of Italy led by 5-star star movement party and the far-right league is trying to inject in the veins of Italian people. Where is there no place and welcome to any immigrant and migrant in the Italian soil and being “Eurosceptic” simply trying to push Itlay out of European Union.

That’s reflected all in the Friday when the anti-migrant interior Prime minister Matteo Salvini made a decision to block all humanitarian boat carrying migrants and docking in the country southern port. Last week government refused to give permission to land French NGO boat The Aquarius. Salvini and this collision party made it clear the meaning of ‘Itlay first with all its recent steps.

The Aquarius boat which they refused to land on their shore were carrying  629 survivors including 123 unaccompanied minors,11 young children and seven pregnant women. They all were rescued from shipwrecks carrying migrants from Libya to Europe this a deadly route which mainly taken by the people of Sub-Saharan African countries. Around 7000,000 people arrived in Itlay since. Although there is now 80% drop rate in arriving migrants compared to last years. In this year till now 16,000 have arrived in Italy, down from 60,000 in 2017 around the same period.

This is all drastic change in Italian landscape happening to due coming in power of anti-immigrant and anti establish peoples party called 5-star Movement who won the most majority vote share in the country in recent general elections,

What is 5-star movement?

5-Star movement party is also known as M5S was formed by comedian and blogger Beppe Grillo back in 2009 through the ideology of Anti-establishment, Populism, Direct Democracy, Environmentalism and Eurocepstisim.

The party were formed in the aftermath of the 2009 financial crisis, the five star took the advantage of public fury over corruption in the Italian establishment and sluggish economic recovery.

They also come with policies like “Drastic” cuts to corporate taxes, slashing corrupt bureaucracy or red tap, and guaranteeing people a minimum monthly income up to €780  for the poor.

5- star became much popular in southern Italy where unemployment level is very high and average income is low, a Southern city like Naples which became symbolic in economic crises and also become a rising point of the 5-star movement.

5-star also take environment in their agenda very much they connect with people problems like garbagae dumping, environment protection and alternative sources of energy.

Party time to time make it clear that they will not follow EU “Austerity” policy”  and be liberating Italy from the bureaucrats sitting in Brussels.


Paty main votes always are protesters voters who just frustrated with corrupt ruling over the years and wants the change that’s why some of them called the five-star movement  3rd republic as they believe that change is coming where all other mainstream political parties are falling apart and new kind of ruling is taking its shape.

But critics calling this party is a party of some amateurs who gaining popularity by raising anti-establishment slogans and flags and not have an idea how to run a parliamentary democracy.

But most radical about five star is that they want to reduce the legislative power of the Italian parliament and wants to implement direct democracy. They also with the idea that politics is not a career and every representative of their government will have 2 years fixed term not more than that.

All that promises, idea worked for them when back in March they emerged as they emerged the largest party in the vote share with 33% in the general election but not enough to make this  government so, Five-star took the support of runner-up  far right league party  Lega Nord (Northen league) whom vote share was around 17%.

Both parties came together and made a formed a collision government making an independent Guiseppe Conte a Prime Minister and Salvini himself took the post of interior prime minister.

Now Italian fortune is under the rule of anti-establishment anti-immigrant party who far-right agenda that day or soon will do every efforts to drag out Italy from EU and keeping very hard line against the immigrants, that will affect the whole political scenario of Europe and especially the existence of EU in future, it also the rise of right-wing  politics which taking its shape around globe where nation first theory giving a hard time to globalization and keep pushing it back to its start,and that likely a warning to the world that to settle soon.


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