Isha Ambani’s engagement will be on the edge of this beautiful lake of Italy, will be a grand celebration for 3 days


Mukesh Ambani, who is in the list of the world’s richest people, is going to be engaged to his daughter after his son. Isha Ambani’s engagement is going to be held in Italy on Friday (September 21) with Anand Piramal, son of Ajay Piramal. All preparations have been completed to make these moments the most beautiful and memorable. The engagement of Grad celebrations starting from September 21 will last for three days.

All the rituals of engagement will be in Italy’s Lake Como, Lombardi. This is a very special opportunity for the Ambani family. According to the information, the celebration of the engagement will last for three days i.e. 23th September and during this celebration, all the rituals will be celebrated in different ways. It includes events from lunch and dinner to dancing.

From Friday 5 pm on Friday (September 21st), there are arrangements for guests’ dinner in Lake Como’s Villa Balbiano. Every event, from breakfast to dinner, has been given a special name in the party. Welcome Lunch is named ‘Benvenuti A Como’, which means welcome to Como. Dinner is named ‘Amore E Bellezza’, which means ‘Love and Beauty’.

This place is considered as the favorite celebrity of Hollywood celebrities. Lake Como is Italy’s third largest and most beautiful lake. This is situated on the foothills of Lake Alps, offering the beauty of nature to the people. Lake Como is the third largest lake in Italy, spread over 146 square kilometers. This lake is nearly 1,300 feet deep, making it one of Europe’s deepest lakes. The greenery around the lake is full of snow-covered beautiful hills and colorful flowers. 

Many of the world’s VIPs and Famous Sports Players have been married in Villa del Balbinaello, in Lake Como, Italy. Lek Komo’s name recently came to be discussed in a big way when discussions about this wedding Venue were going on for the marriage of Hot Bollywood Couple Deepika and Ranvir.


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