Isha Ambani – Anand Piramal Wedding Card


The name ‘Ambani’ is probably known to each and every Indian. And why not! After all, they are the richest people of India. So, any of their affairs never fails to spark people’s attention. The the most fresh and recent talk of the town news regarding the Ambani’s is the wedding of the only Ambani daughter, Isha Ambani to her fiance Anand Piramal, the heir to the Piramal industries which basically deals in pharmaceutical products and real estate.

Not disappointing anyone, this high-profile is going to be as extravagant as one can imagine. Because when you have the name Ambani associated with an event, that too the wedding of the only daughter of the family, it has got to be anything but larger than life, full of all the glitters.

Ringing the bell for this upcoming wedding comes the wedding card. And by the looks and cost of the card we can only imagine what the wedding will be like! The wedding card costs a grand sum of ₹ 3 lacs. Yes people you heard it right. The card itself cost the Ambanis  and the Piramals a cost which will perhaps be enough for a middle class family to get done with the entire wedding.

The wedding card comes in the shape of a box, with the initials of the to-be-wed couple, ‘ia’ etched at the top. It comes completely with a wedding card, different invites for different ceremonies and ofcourse gifts for the invitees.

Here is a glimpse of the wedding card and its inside –

This pink and white box of a wedding card have now become the talk of the town. The actual wedding will take place in Mumbai on 12 December and although the exact location is yet to be announced, most probably the Ambani residence, Antilia will be the place. In addition, the pre – wedding ceremonies will be held in Udaypur on December 8 and 9.


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