Is Priyanka Chopra’s Career in Bollywood in Danger?


Miss World 2000, Priyanka Chopra is a name and face which is known to almost all the people of the world. This Indian beauty and talent set the sets on fire wherever she goes with her skills. Chopra, the daughter of two army doctors started her career in films very early in her life, right after she won the Miss World contest in 2000 at the age of 18. And once she started there have been no looking back for her. Success follows her wherever she ventures.

Priyanka’s success in Bollywood led her to Hollywood where she set foot with the television series Quantico. She appeared in some films too. But recently this star has been in news for two reasons; firstly, her alleged engagement with her American boyfriend Nick Jonas and secondly, her exit from her much-awaited Bollywood comeback, Bharat, where she was to share screen space with Salman Khan just days before the commencement of the shooting schedule. As hinted by a tweet from Ali Abbas, the director of the film, the cause for this is most likely to be her said engagement.

Although the actual reasons for PC’s hasty exit from the film are yet to be disclosed, many, including the producer of the film, Nikhil Namit, are calling this move professional. There is also news circulating that although Priyanka let down the team of Bharat, she is all set to start shooting for another Indian film with Farhan Akhtar from August 8. If this bit of news is correct then it will probably not wrong to say that PC’s career in Bollywood may face danger.

As it is, many related to the Bharat project are already disgruntled with her as she has put them in a very tight spot for finding a replacement for the female lead within a very limited time. Salman Khan too is not happy with the change of the events. It is known to all that Salman Khan can be both a hero-maker and a hero-breaker. So it won’t be a surprise if Priyanka is made to face the repurcations of her stunt in the future. To have a tiff with the Bhai of Bollywood comes with its own set of consequences.

It is known to many that in the past too there had been problems between Salman and Priyanka. Priyanka, reportedly refused to do a project with Salman after which they were in bad terms for nearly a decade. Just as all problems seemed to have resolved this step taken by Priyanka will most likely place her in Salman’s bad side yet again and he doesn’t forget a grudge easily. So this one step taken by our dear PC may cause a lot of problems for her career and even endanger her future in Bollywood. We can just hope that all goes well and we get to watch many more wonderful performances by Priyanka Chopra in the future and there is no bad blood between the leading names of the industry.

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