For all the pani puri lovers out there I will try my best not to upset you all…

Let’s first check out all the different components that are present in panipuri.
The first component is the puri.The puri that is a hollow closed cup like thing in which all the flovours go in is traditionally made of sooji.As you might all have already guessed the very big issue with the puris is that they are deep fried.So,if the puris are fried in fresh oil the risk is little lesser than when you eat pani puri roadside which are fried in saturated and unhygienic oil.

The second component in pani puri is the curry or sabji. This is made with different ingredients at different places.Generally it is made of potatoes and chane .Both of them are high calorie foods so..better exchange them with something nutritional.

The third and the most important component in pani puri is the pani.It is the pani that adds a blend of flavours to the dish.Say it is game changer .If the pani is good then the dish is considered good else the dish is a mere waste.It is a blend of spicy,sour and sweet flavours that play in your mouth.
Ok so coming to the pros of the dish you consume upto 5% of your day’s iron and 4% of fiber requirement with each serving of pani puri.I think that’s all.Yeah!!

So the cons of the dish are that it provides around 100 calories and 10% of fat with each of the serving.
Also if you get tempted to eat pani puri in the road side then you better watch out for the hygiene of the place and the person serving you the golgappa. There are cases where pani pura walas have mixed unedible ingredients in the pani in order to earn the profits.Also at most of the pani puri stalls we observe that the dish is hardly covered making it a settling ground for all the toxic pollutants.

So next time you get over excited to eat pani puri just watch out and it is advisable that you eat pani puri that is home made coz.”Aakhir maa ke haath ka khana maa ke haath ka khana hotha hai”.


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