Is Jalota dating Jasleen? The TRUTH is Out!


This season of Big Boss is getting much more tweets. After coming out of the house, the secret is opening one by one. Last week, the most popular member of the house, Jasleen Matharu, was out of the house. During the conversation with the media after coming out of the house, he took a veil from the relationship between himself and Anoop Jalota and said, ‘The way the show’s format was related to the pairers.

I told Anoop ji that he came with me on this show, but when Salman Khan made him the most familiar as a Guru-Disciple couple then I told him under one prank that we were together for 3 years. Upon hearing this, Anoop Ji did not say anything and he joined this prank, but he had told me many times that this is going wrong, but we let him run.

Jasleen further said, ‘But when I came out I saw that I was shocked. I saw the relationship between me and Anoop Ji, which was a joke, became the most prominent issue in the country, which is a very big thing.’ At the same time, you should tell that even earlier, Anoop Jalota had said that as per his relationship, Jasleen had said that his relationship was false and that Jasleen’s father, responsible for the whole matter.

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He only told me that I would go to Big Boss’s house with Jasleen. Not only that, but he also told me that I did inside the house what I had asked for the Big Boss. While there was some question about the relationship with Jasleen, he told that “I do not have any girlfriend. She is just a hymn singer for me.”


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