Is it Time for Virat Kohli to Shed the Captaincy Cap?


Being a captain of a team is a position of great honour but when one is a captain of a world-famous team, it is no joke. The tag brings along with it tons of responsibility, pressure, stress etc. One gets the credit of the success of the team, every successful show put out by the team adds to the honour of the captain, but if the team faces defeat, the burden of the loss falls on the captain too. It is the captain who becomes the object of everyone’s scrutiny and answerable to all. Being a captain means one should always lead from the front and face both success and failure first equally. Hence, being a captain is a damn serious business and no fool’s job.

The Indian cricket teams, both male and female are known to be among the bests of the world. Virat Kohli, the present captain of the men’s team is for sure a very charismatic persona and many up and coming players look up to him. Being chosen to be a captain by MS Dhoni, who is said to be one of India’s best captains so far shows that he is a storehouse of talent and skills and his track record so far helps to prove the point.

Success and failure are both two sides of the same coin. I believe we learn more from our failures than from our failures and so they are important for our progress. In the recently concluded series of the test match against England India showed a very poor performance, winning only one match out of 5. But it doesn’t mean that the sole person responsible for this failure is the captain himself. Cricket is a team sport. Success and failure – both are to be equally shared by each member of the team. So, to blame only the captain entirely for the loss seems quite illogical.

As a captain, Virat has shown his capabilities time and again by bringing home some major and crucial victories. He has given chance to many new players to experience the field and thus has gifted India with many promising players for the future. From what I have seen, Virat Kohli undoubtedly knows his job and he is completely dedicated towards it. So, to comment that he is not fit to be the captain of the Indian team only because of one failed tournament is very unjustified.

I am sure he, along with his team will learn something from this loss and strive harder to improve themselves and perform better in the future. We need to keep our faith in him and hold our patience for a bit longer and I think he will not disappoint us for longer and the whole team will make a fabulous comeback very soon. All the best to the whole team and especially the captain until then!

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