iOS 11.3: 7 NEW FEATURES:-

  • Dristi Banaudha

The latest version of Apple’s iPhone and iPad operating system, iOS 11.3, is coming this spring. It’ll serve you more features than you might expect from a “.3” release. Damn, there’s something special in this update that will pique your curiosity.

  Here, I’ll tell you about that 7 features that I have read by 24 Jan:-


It’s not about “battery life”– it’s about the ability to keep Apple from secretly throttling your phone’s processing power as your phone’s battery ages. Apple had been caught red-handed for doing that this past winter and ended up by apologizing for keeping it a secret. Although company apparently had a good reason for doing it so i.e., to prevent unexpected shutdowns, as this revelation had left a bad taste in some people’s mouths. Moreover, your battery is in your control, as of iOS 11.3. You can turn off the throttling feature, and/or navigate to Settings>Battery to take a look at your battery’s current health. If your iPhone 6 or later does need a battery swap to maintain peak performance without issues, then Apple says iOS 11.3 will let you so. Then, it’s just a matter of opting an Apple’s $29 replacement battery sometime before the end of the year, because that is how $29 price will last long like Apple has said.


If you got an iPhone X then you must be probably familiar with Animoji. These are the floating animated avatars which you can control with your face so you can send animal-ified emoticons to your friends and family via iMessage. They actually use Face ID motion-sensing camera array which has been built into the front of the iPhone X. iOS 11 appeared with 12 different Animoji, and iOS 11.3 brings four new features into the pen i.e., a lion, bear, dragon and skull.


Apple’s ARKit augmented reality apps can be pretty amazing, but the world blurring technology had one key limitation right out of the gate. ARKit can only recognize horizontal surfaces when deciding where to place virtual objects and make them appear to be a part of your real world think of floors and tables. With IKEA’s ARKit app, for instance, you could see how a new sofa might look like on the floor of your living room, but you couldn’t mount a virtual cabinet for your real walls. But iOS 11.3 comes with ARKit 1.5, which recognizes vertical surfaces and irregularly shaped surfaces like circular tables according to Apple.


It’s not mentioned in Apple’s press release, but developers discovered it anyhow; iOS 11.3 will bring AirPlay2, which allows Apple to take on Sonos with multiroom audio playback. It’s a feature that was announced the last June at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) for iOS 11 but apparently wasn’t ready until now.


Its technically another thing to get notifications on your iPhone, iPad and Mac when you get a new message, but it’s something entirely else to be able to delete a message on your Apple laptop and have that deletion showed on your phone and tablet too. Messages on iCloud were supposed to bring that to iOS 11, but the feature didn’t make the cut until now, apparently, seeing how developers just discovered it existed in the iOS 11.3 beta, but that not necessarily that it’ll arrive in this spring with the full release of iOS 11.3.


Facebook messenger offers such a feature, and iOS 11.3 will bring Business Chat to iMessage on your iPhone and iPad too, then why call or navigate a big company and his website when you can just ping them.


Apple’s new Health Records features hoping to provide something new to humans that have wanted since the invention of the medical record. It’s a way to easily access all of your medical records, no matter which doctor, clinic or hospital you pic, in one condensed place.

So, these are the features that iOS 11.3 will provide in spring this year. Well! Owning an iPhone means you are prosperous in India but having such features on a phone makes you prosperous anyways. iPhone has always been the first choice of every other educated person. Whatever the occasion is an iPhone will never make you upset. Overall, iPhone is my first priority.

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