Ayushi Jaiswal

With valentine’s day just around the corner, another important day worth taking a note of- The World Condom Day. And many of us would still end up wondering what the heck! When did this started? This year the day is dated to fall on February 13, 2018 which is the 10th edition of the International Condom Day celebrated by the AHF.

AHF, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, one of the largest proponent of condom use in preventing the so called life threatening disease, HIV/AIDS including all the other sexually transmitted diseases, created the day deserving the celebration to be observed which is now known to us as the International Condom Day.

The irony of the 21st century is that we start to dedicate a day to almost anything and everything while falling t give due distinction to the things deserving. One of which is, International Condom Day, with hardly a few aware about something as such. With the ever growing peaceful population, it appears beyond the bounds of possibility to barricade the same. But, still if there comes someone out of the crowd for the motion of usage of condom and we discover a little ting called condom in his pocket, what he is met with is nothing above criticizing and sarcastic glances.

Running behind the over expensive surgerical contraceptive techniques to keep a check over the unwanted pregnancies, family planning and STIs. We still find it silly and embarrassing to approach a chemist to buy a mre packet of sheath- shaped barrier device.
International Condom Day seeks to promote the usage of condoms as a means of preventing unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections and diseases (STI/STD). condoms are nothing harmful but a thin rubber covers that are used by men during sexual intercourse as a contraceptive or protection against STIs.

They are made from various materials such as latex, non-latex, lamskin, etc. The fact that needs due attention is- condoms, latex and polyurethane versions, are the only method available to prevent transmission of STIs and HIV. This day is promoted by the AHF in an effort to reduce the spread of HIV through safe sex practices. Since its inception in 2009, it has been an informal observance celebrated in conjunction with valentine’s.

The usage of condoms is also necessary because people are not always faithful and loyal to their partners neither do they abstain hence, the need for them to use the condom becomes an important thing. The day happens to fall on the eve of valentine’s day so as to protect those who misunderstand valentines and end up engaging in casual sex in the name of showing love to their partners.

Every year, mannequins, camps, awareness programmes, imaginatively condom- clads are lined up manifesting the organisation’s motto “always in fashion” by numerous governments, ministries and public health councils across the globe. The attempt is towards making people treat condoms as an essential wardrobe item for which a brand of AHF distributes condoms free of cost.

International Condom Day, which falls under the STIs, Condom and Pregnancy awareness week in South Africa, unveiled its 2018 International Condom Day song, “tried and true” a parody of Ed Sheeran. This is truey the hig time for us to realize, this day as a way to deliver the message that condoms are a fun , cost-effective and fashionable way to protect oneself and one’s partner, while reinforcing the tenet that condoms should be available for free to anyone who needs it


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