Why Inter-Caste Marriages Might Just Be An Answer To A Lot Of Questions


Michel de Montaigne says, “A good marriage would be between a blind image and a deaf husband.” Let’s not talk about such drastic differences, but inter-caste marriages are something we should definitely consider. In the post- globalization era, the world is shrinking and distances are decreasing. But one bridge that we’re still afraid to build is in the area of marriages. And yes, there are a thousand arguments as to why we should always stick to our kin when marriages are concerned. Reasons ranging from keeping the bloodline ‘pure’ to keeping the cultures intact. But then, you might want to consider these reasons as to why inter-caste marriages might actually be good.

Communal Harmony: Imagine that you caught up in a situation of communal riots and it is a matter of kill or dies. The only difference is that it is your family that is fighting on both the sides of the line. What will you do? Will you still save some at the cost of others? You probably will do everything in your power to stop the conflict, wouldn’t you? That’s what inter-caste marriages result in. When strangers cease to remain just a number in your communal list, you’re not tempted to kill them in the name of religion.

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Reducing Cultural Gaps: There’s nothing like inter-caste marriages to bridge the huge cultural gaps existent in our country. It is very easy to stand miles away and judge someone. But if you become a part of a culture and experience it for yourself, it is difficult for you to hold on to your prejudices. In India, marriage is not the union of just two people, it is the union of two families. Taking this concept further, a marriage is, in essence, the union of two cultures. And as far as cultural differences are concerned, marriages are not made weak by cultural distances. As Robert Dodds says, “The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together.”


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So, let’s just let go of our misplaced egos. Let’s let go of our hesitation of interacting with other castes. After all, underneath our different faces, we’re all humans.

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