“Institute of Eminence” Status Given to 6 Universities by the Ministry of HRD


Education is given a very elevated status in India. Educated Indians have received acclaimations from all over the world and they have helped establishing the name of our country in a much better light in the world map. No one can deny that India have produced some of the best minds in the field of IT, Medical care, engineering, science and technology, and in the field of educational professionals. Today many Indians grace some of the very esteemed and respected jobs all over the world.

To recognize the fact that education indeed holds a very high regard in the making of a complete individual in India the different governments have always been taking new steps to better the condition of education in the country and to help the Indian children to perform even better so that they can grow up to be someone everybody can be proud of. To help India better its status in the field of education the Human Resource Development Ministry have taken a very positive step and decided to awarded 6 Universities in India with the status of “Institute of Eminence”.

The decision taken on Monday is a try on the part of the government to improve the rankings of the Indian Institutes of higher education globally. Out of the 6 Institutes chosen, 3 belong to the public sector while 3 are of the private sector. HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar on Monday tweeted, “The Institute of Eminence are important for the country. We have 800 universities, but not a single university in top 100 or even 200 in the world ranking. Today’s decision will help achieve this.”

The honour to record its name in the 1st list of chosen “Eminent Institutes” is being given to Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Bombay, IIT-Delhi and IISc Bangalore from the public sector, whereas Jio Institute by Reliance Foundation, BITS Pilani, Manipal Academy of Higher Education are the three private universities which have been granted the status of Institute of Eminence.

In addition to this list the government also declared that in the future the government will choose 10 public and 10 private to include in the list. The selection of these institutions will be done based of a list of minutely selected and observed details. It indeed is a very commendable step taken by the HRD Ministry to elevate the status of the Indian educational institutions and to give it a global status. If this procedure is taken seriously and if it sparks the spirit of the competition among the Indian universities to get a chance to record their names in the esteemed list, it obviously will give a boost to the condition of education in the country. India to become a developed nation needs to become a leader in the educational field too and I believe this will surely help in taking a step forward in this respect.


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