Instant Dose of Loan Wavier Scheme

From years our government keep promising and doing loan waiver saga, that has not changed anything and in present time country facing huge problems with the agricultural sector.


The country where every hour one farmer commits suicide should think and fix out some permanent solution in which next day no farmer feel needs to commit this act, but sadly our governments more admire the temporary solutions they don’t care about future just try to spoon feed our farmers by giving them the dose of “The loan waiver scheme”

It is work like a painkiller for a patient in our political spectrum for the farmers in which while they crying in pain our government always give the dose of this loan wavier painkiller to reduce the pain but we all know taking painkiller don’t treat and cure the disease or a wound it just temporary relief from an instant pain same with farmers where it just give the short time relief in which you get rid of one time loan but what out next time where you have to again go through with that vicious cycle where again you will take loan, again you not able to pay, and again you will cry in pain and will take that sweet political dose.

Like Uttar Pradesh government comes with the loan waiver scheme of ₹0.36lakh cr  for the 87lakh same as Maharashtra government followed ridding of ₹0.34 lakh cr loan covering 89lakh farmers most recently newly formed Karnataka government cuts of loan of around ₹34,000 cr announced in the budget, and don’t be surprised this trend will show more colours due to 2019 elections next on the next door.

We just  keep doing this loan wavier thing from years but there is no change come in the condition of a farmer in our country rather their condition became worse, where is income growth of the farmer? where is an increase in productivity? where is new technological advancement and innovation in farming? Till how many years be sitting happily by claiming we did green revolution? why not be encourage organic farming in which we have the great example of Sikkim, there are some unanswered questions that should be asked by everyone to our governments.

By just keep doing 2 things increasing MSP land loan waiver scheme will not change anything for a change, we have to encourage our farmer to take up allied activities such dairy, poultry.fisheries and the form of agriculture which not only increase their income but only work big support in the condition of failed crop season and its adverse impact

Even the creator of green revolution M.Swaminathan said the time has come for people to move from “green revolution to evergreen revolution.

But for this “evergreen revolution,” we have to make stress on irrigation, infrastructure, investment and investment these four things will transform the farm sector.

I am not an expert in agriculturally related matters but as a common active citizen of this country I understand how this loan wavier scheme only putting burden on the financial resources of the state and country like finance Minster Arun Jaitley himself confess ones in Parliament we can’t cut off loan in every state through centre budget if state wants to do they have to do from their own budget but if we don’t stress and think about some permanent solution then every year this situation will come till when state or centre can cut of the loan there must be a limit. It shows that it just increases the burden on resources and sometimes seems like useless policy.

We not heading in right direction in terms of sustaining our primary sector not thinking about future consequences where population on its rise, resources becoming more and more limited in that our primary sector is collapsing people leaving the sector and turning into labours in urban areas, and labour is very unskilled we can’t use them in the manufacturing sector , this leads the more deadly situations of rise in unemployment , food crisis if we don’t feel need to understand taking right direction.



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