Ingredients are known, but Dishes aren’t – Top Foodzie Dishes of Assam

top assam food dishes

We know these ingredients but not the processes of making dishes to delight your taste buds. Well so is a sister state of the 7 sister states of India, Assam. Here the process of preparing the dishes favours fermenting,draining,drying … influence of hilly areas. Here the widest used ingredient is rice; meat and fishes are also used in many. Well here we have the distinct yet familiar dishes.


Is it the name of a dish ? Yes , it is. But don’t run away ’cause : Assamese meal is incomplete without the famous khar dish. It is prepared by filtering water through pipes stuffed with dry skin of banana, the banana fragrance gives a unique tinge of flavour to the dish.It is then mixed with raw papaya, mustard leaves, different vegetables, pulses, fish. It is useful for patients with diabetes. Wuhuu…a mix of such ingredient would be very interesting Isn’t !


Koldhil Paro Manghose-
Strange name! Ah ah…don’t bother for the naming. It’s just a meat recipe, well pigeon meat curry. Yes, you heard it right pigeon meat curry.Here the small pieced pigeon meat is cooked with banana flowers on a low flame. Well this dish is not at all for patients having high blood pressure issues. Else, this is one of the famous delicacy of Assam.


Duck Meat Curry-
Lauki ? Yucks…this is our usual reaction to the name of ash gourd. But Assam makes it pleasing to eat it with duck meat. Yes,that’s true. The duck meat is mixed with ash gourd and cooked with traditional spices,and black peppers. Well, that way ‘lauki’ (ash gourd) will be a bit appealing to us.


Tenga Fish Curry-

Yes,Assamese cuisine have fishy dishy too. This is a sour dish of fish in which using a souring agent gives a tangy taste to it.Thanks to wide variety of souring agents that is available for the usage: highly exotic Elephant apple, Roselle leaves and Garcinia, or commonly available lemon, tomatoes, sour spinach. Other than the usage of unique combination of ingredients, it is a simple preparation of fish that gives an exquisite feel to the taste buds.


A meal isn’t complete without a sweet dish. And here we bring the famous pitha of Assam and guess what?…it uses the famous ingredient rice as a primary constituent of the dish. But there are the salty pithas too. Lovely Assam! Sugar is added to mixture of rice with spices and made cylindrical in shape with bamboo stem inserted in the hollow part of the cylindrical shaped mixture [Just like the kebabs].Then it is barbecued and eaten with beaten curd. Most localites prefer the sweet pithas. Well may be we too would prefer that. Yum!


Ou Khatta-

It’s a sweet-sour chutney of Assam. It simply uses Elephant apple(ou) and jaggery. Ou is boiled and mashed and then cooked with little mustard seeds to which jaggery is added. And here it goes, the cherry on the pie of your meal !

Which one are you gonna try then?!


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