Indo-China War 1962 : Analysis of our loss!

India-China War


The territorial acquisition has been mostly the reason behind triggering of a Indo-China war. A greed of having more land control under one’s hand leads to armed rebellion resulting loss to many. The same was the reason behind the outrageous Sino-Indian war. The territorial acquisition (Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh) was the primary reason for the dispute, secondary reasons are too present.

Political Failure

Political Failure
Image Source: Political Failure

Jawaharlal Nehru adopted a forward policy. He sent an army in huge number across the disputed areas of war. This further tensed the situation between the both countries. Another reason of it was the diplomatic failure. In 1952, when China drew Aksai Chin as the part of their map, India ignored it. In that particular time, If someone had the ability to raise his voice. So, the Situations could have been different. Dalai Lama running a shadow government in India has historically been a major irritator for them.


Lack of proper preparation was the main reason behind the Indian’s failure. Though, the Indian army was sent in huge numbers near the border. But they were deprived of the supplies. Food, ammunition was not supplied to them in the required quantities. Soldiers had to wear torn shoes to fight for their country. They were to face latest and technologically developed ammunition with their rationed and limited ammunition. Another irrational reason was the Indian air force. Everyone knew that the IAF was way superior to China’s air force at that time. But, Sadly there was no use of it, otherwise, we could have got the upper hand at that time. This could have further saved India from an embarrassing defeat.

Unprepared Army
Image Source: Unprepared Army

Considering China behind triggering the war, we cannot ignore India’s role in the same. A poorly prepared strategy of sending military troops to the disputed areas without proper equipment cost India lives of many. Hence, Poor leadership was the sideline reason behind the trigger and loss of the war.

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