Before starting this article let me put up a short disclaimer that everything stated down is a lot true but also written sarcastically so that somewhere we still have an ounce of hope to make this country a better living place for our generation, leave about next generation.

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Starting from the first, the idea for this article came from a recent so-called tragedy which took place in a newly started train from Mumbai to Goa, which is an applauding situation for our government seeing it’s past records. Now the news was not the success or the speed of the train but a failure from the side of the people travelling in who reported having stolen a dozen of headphones and left the LCD screens broken along with the window panes. Not only this but the toilets was clogged as well and a lot of damage was reported from the department side when it reached its destination.

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And surprisingly this all is coming from the people considered to be educated and higher class who also leave no stone turned to criticize the government for its every move. What can we expect from the lower middle class or the uneducated part of the society if this is the face which represents the people of our country?

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Second our lovely worshipped cows which have more respect and standard in the society than any other girl or woman. Have you ever heard a person taking a chance, coming in front but not getting beaten up or filmed from the bystanders when he actually showed courage for the respect of a girl being harassed in the middle of the road? No?  But you must have heard loads and loads of people turning up to save the timid little cow which might be on a ride for cattle purpose but ended up being the topic of suspicion for getting slaughtered and timidly watching its owner getting beaten up and again nobody turning up from the opposite party to save the man.

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Thirdly, god only knows what addiction these people have with their ‘smart’ phones filming everything and putting up it on the alternative social media but definitely not smart enough to help the person lying on the road crying for help or to call the ambulance from the same ‘smart’ phones so that the life could be saved instead of him/her taking their last breath,  lying on the cold hard ground.

Don’t complain on the social media or come up running to the government if you are not the one to change your instincts and the way you live. Everyone will find a foreign country a better place to reside in as it even automatically flips the switch to behave as soon as we step in to their boundary. Why can’t we just behave in a civilized manner, the way we expect to lice and not take anything for granted so that for atleast once we can say that today I am really happy to live in this country provided it’s not a day of the most awaited cricket match.


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