SC Rules Long-Term Live-in Relationship to be Similar as Legal Marriage In India


India has been continuously seen as a rather conservative country by many leading nations of the world and in some aspects it indeed is. Instances of homosexuality, live-in-relationships and even divorce are a big no-no in our many parts of the society even today. Some even consider them a taboo.

But what many don’t know that along with the world India is changing too, and not only in an economic and political sense but also in case societal rules and norms. Examples can be easily drawn from the cases of gay marriage that took place in Kolkata earlier this year, the increasing openness of the LGBTQ community and the huge support in their favourite by a very large population etc. And now another star to add to this list comes directly from the honourable Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of live-in – relationship couples declaring that any couple who have for a substantial period of time lived together as a couple without marriage, and people recognize them so, will be considered the same as a legally married couple and the woman will be entitled to inherit the property of her partner in case of his demise until and unless an opposition party is able to supply proof challenging the validity of the relationship.

According to reports, the SC has given decisions in favour of live – in – relationships since 2010, validating them as similar to husband and wife, where the woman gets all the rights of a legal wife. A bench comprising of Justice MY Equal and Justice Amitava Roy ruled this decision in a recent case inheritance dispute in a family.

It is good to see that the once very conservative society of India is gradually changing for good and becoming more and more open-minded each day. We are given the right of choice and decision by our constitution and hence any adult have the right to choose the life they want to live and the person they want to be with. We should respect this and give them the right to access their rights. It is obvious that we all will have our opinions about it, but we need to learn to keep it to ourselves for the greater good of all the people and the society.


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