Progressive or Opressed : Where do Indian Women Stand?


India has the 2nd largest population of the world and the way our population is growing it won’t be long that it replaces China for the first position. Among the billions of people, women count for more than 40%. Hence the condition of women matters a lot if we want to evaluate the progress and development of our country.

The fact that Indian women have come a long way from the way of life the lived in the earlier centuries cannot be denied. They are now finding their footings in diverse fields, giving tough competition to men and living their footprints on the sands of history.

Sports is a field which is basically male dominated and the women associated with it are often not considered to be ‘proper’. But I think this notion is slowly sliding away from the thinking of the Indians and they are gradually becoming more open minded and accepting. On of the prime examples that support this fact is the recently concluded Commonwealth Games. Winning more than 40 medals across different categories, the Indian women have set a record in history. Several old records were broken and newer ones set. All in all, the Indian women shined and glowed all throughout.

Irrespective of age, our girls made the country proud and played a crucial role in establishing the name of India in the 3rd position in the final medal tally of the Games. Teenager Manu Bhaker won the gold medal in the 10m air pistol event by a huge margin of 6.9 points and set a new record, Mary Kom’s experience and dedication won her and the country another gold; Manika Batra went on to win two golds, one silver and one bronze in this edition of the Games to be India’s most successful athlete in Gold Coast leaving the men tailing behind. These are only some of the names, there are several others who helped India shine on the foreign soil.

This was the success story but there is another side of this story too. While on the one hand we are rejoicing in the glory these ladies earned for us and celebrating it, the whole nation is burning with another issue. The cruelest form of treatment that any girl can receive was shown in the cases of Asifa and Unnao. One teenager Manu made the country proud by her talent while on the other hand, another teenager is fighting a battle of her honor that she lost in the hands of her own countrymen. Then there is the case of the very young and innocent Asifa, a flower that was crushed to death before it reached its full bloom. The country have barely forgotten Nirbhaya and now these two cases forced us once again to go back and question humanity. I don’t think it will be proper to say that Indian women are progressing until such examples of barbarism cease to exist.

In both the Commonwealth Games and the cases of Unnao and Asifa, the girls become a cause of bringing tears to the eyes of the millions of Indians and uniting them. But the sad thing is that while the tears during the Games were of joy and pride, the other case brought tears of sadness to our eyes. In one case the people united to celebrate the victory of the girls but in the other case they united to mourn the degradation of the morals of our people and protest for the chances of a better security for the millions of girls that live in the country.

Yes it is true that the Indian women are progressing in their respective fields but this doesn’t mean that oppression and domination of women have stopped. We are just not aware of them. The government have taken several steps like ‘Beti bachaao, Beti parhaao’ for the progress of the girls of the nation but until and unless the minds of the people change and they see men and women as equals such steps will not be very fruitful. Given a chance many other girls will prove themselves and help India shine in the globe map just like our girls in Commonwealth.

At the end this in what I would like to say for all the women of India :-

Give us a chance to grow up

Give us a chance to see the world too

Don’t let our gender to lose our identity
Let us have an opportunity to make our dreams come true.
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