India : The Country Where Petrol-Diesel Price Hike Has No Solution


India is a country which is moderately rich in petroleum reserves and I believe that if all these resources are extracted and utilized in the right way than India will have no shortage of any of the petroleum products and neither will it have to import these products from outside. But even though India already has its own resources enough to meet the demands of its people, what is sad is that we continue to import petroleum products from other countries and the prices is so high that common people have to think twice before filling the fuel tanks of their vehicles.

Although the price of petrol and diesel varies in different states and cities, it has reached a record height. Within this year itself, the prices have increased more than thrice and keep on scaling up with no indication of ever dropping. What is even more shocking is that India exports some of its domestic petroleum products too and according to a report published recently, the price of export is almost half of the rate at which the products are made available to the people of the country itself. To say this is quite a blow to our public and government treasury.

“Acche din aane wale hai”, which roughly translates to “Good days are about to come” was the slogan that resonated throughout the country during the election campaigns of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But from the point-of-view of the price of petrol and diesel, it seems far from the truth. If anything, the way the present government keeps on increasing the price of these fuels have added to the never-ending troubles and tensions of our people.

Good days have come, but not for the general public, only for those associated in the business of these products and of course, the corrupt officials who are forever searching for scopes to fill their pockets even if it brings troubles to lot many others.

In his inaugural speech of the ongoing Global Mobility Summit PM Modi have said that in a developing country like India, mobility is one of the most essential aspects for development and for this the government have always concentrated on building new roads, railways etc. But what good are roads and railways if the prices of the fuels that are to be driven on those roads and railways so high that it burns a hole through one’s pocket to refuel their vehicles.


I think that the government needs to think properly before recklessly increasing the prices of things. They may be able to afford it and after all, their vehicles are filled from the money paid by other people, but we, the general public, who have to work very hard to make both ends meet have to bear the brunt of their selfish intentions and reckless steps.

If the government export crude oil and other petroleum products in a very negligible price as compared to the price in which these resources are made available in the country itself, can’t it maybe stop both import and export, process the products domestically and make it available to the countrymen in a lesser price instead? The way the prices of petrol and diesel have been increasing, it seems like a loot on the part of the government. I hope the government pays heed to the problem the general public is facing because of this and do something to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

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