India Manufacturing iPhone 6S


Apple is undoubtedly one of the world’s most famous brands for gadgets like computers, tablets, laptops, mobile phones etc. The name itself is a major status symbol. Anyone possessing any Apple product is obviously a proud possessor of the gadget.

In India too, the products of this company are quite famous. Although it burns a hole in the pocket, the market for iPhones and iPads are rapidly increasing in the Indian peninsula among the tech-savvy present generation. To further prove this notion is the initiative taken up by Apple to start its own line of iPhone production in the country to make the product more accessible.

The venture started with the production of iPhone SE and have now developed to the production of one of the most selling models of iPhone, the iPhone 6S,a model released in the global market in 2015. According to the reports of The Economic Times, production started last week at its contract manufacturer Wistron’s facility in Bengaluru.

Below are listed some must-know facts about the Made-in-India iPhone 6S:

1. No definite date for the release of the handset has been declared yet by the company. But since the production started only last week, we can expect the product to hit the market for the duration of some months time.

2. The price of iPhone 6S is set at ₹42,900 for the 32GB variant and ₹52,100 for the 128GB variant. But even if the model will now be manufactured in India itself, there are little to no chances of a price drop for the handset. The set price will continue in the market.

3. The handsets made in India will be sold only in India.

4. Apple chose to manufacture iPhone 6S after SE in India because of ‘sales potential’ as reported by The Economic Times.

5. The company also took this step to control price hike as imported products had to be highly priced because of import duties. Now as the model will be made in the country itself, there will be no extra payment to be made for it.

6. The iPhone 6 series is the most selling model of iPhone in India.

Apple is already manufacturing tow of its cell phone models in India but the news is that another model is most likely to enter the production line in India very soon. This executive of the company revealed this piece of information to The Economic Times.

Apple choosing India as one of its base for production comes with its own benefits for the people of India. Not only will it generate more employment, it will also give a boost to the economy. I hope this association between India and Apple does both the parties good and benefits both equally.


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