India Claims All Spots in the Top 10 of the World’s Fastest Growing Cities


There is nothing to hide in the fact that in the past few years India has been developing and prospering by leaps and bounds. Whatever may be the internal state of the country, but globally it has succeeded in placing itself as one of the fastest growing places of the world. If things continue to develop in the way it is in the present, there is no doubt that within the duration of a very short period of time India’s name will shine as a developed nation and not a developing nation.

India is the largest and the longest running democracy of the world but it is sad to say that it is still classed as a developing nation. But I think it is high time that it promotes itself to a developed nation. And if we are to believe a list published by Oxford Economics, that day doesn’t seem to be very far away.

In a list published by Oxford Economics of the world’s fastest growing cities, India holds not only one or two but all of the top 10 positions. This is quite a commendable feat indeed. This list is headed by the city of Surat in Gujarat in the first position, followed by Agra and Bengaluru in the 2nd and 3rd spot respectively. Below is a picture of the top 10 cities :-

Oxford Economics also expressed its view that there are little to no chances of the occurance if any change in this list for the coming two decades. Hence there are high chances of India retaining the top 10 positions till 2035  as stated by Richard Holt, the head of Oxford’s global cities research. This is a very good news for India and I hope this prediction holds true and India remains at the top for many more years to come.


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