Increasing Online game-phobia.


Online game playing has been the recent addiction of the new generation. Be it while traveling in metros, playing while in classes, during free time or whatever. Online role-playing video games also provide a platform to raise self-esteem. For some players, however, overuse fosters dependency leading to negative psychosocial and health consequences.

Internet gaming disorder (IGD) is like other addictive behaviors, and it can be diagnosed in individuals.

You may already be worried about your child – you have good cause when two and three-year-olds are playing with their parents I-Phones and other hand-held devices.  Many kids access to video games on HHD’s.  What can you do?

Online gaming technology has developed rapidly within the past decade, and its related problems have received increasing attention. However, there are few studies on the psychiatric symptoms associated with excessive use of online games.

The trend in games like Pokemon, mini-militia, PubG is still on among the teenagers on social media. People are so fascinated by the idea of gaming that the virtual world kills the real world interactions.

Past surveys have highlighted that individuals struggling with social phobia are more comfortable in their virtual roles. The overuse can lead to negative outcomes due to the considerable investment of time and money. Hence, it can impact one’s both mental and physical health by causing implications, such as insomnia, depression, loneliness, etc. The irrational and excessive use can adversely affect the key cognitive-behavioral skills of the people.

The addiction to video games can be diagnosed by identifying at least five of the following nine criteria:

  • Preoccupation with playing video games.
  • Tolerance for the growing amount of time needed to play games.
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not playing video games
  • Inability to cut back or quit playing video games.
  • Loss of interest in other activities or hobbies.
  • Playing video games continuously despite negative personal consequences.
  • Hiding or lying about the amount of time spent playing.

Let’s not get so used to technology and internet that it becomes a curse to us. Sometimes being old-school and social is also an advantage for us physically and mentally both.

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