IIT Delhi Students Come Up With an Innovative Way of Reducing Pollution


Environmental pollution is one of the biggest problems that the earth is combating with now. Every aware person is trying to do their bit towards reducing pollution. In such a situation 40 students of IIT Delhi have come forward with a very innovative way for combating pollution.

As we all know India have a majority of Hindu population and the Hindus cremate their dead ones. Burning of a dead body regression a very large quantity of firewood. Burning firewood means deforestation in addition to the air pollution. So, to kill two birds with one stone, these students have come up with an alternative. Their alternative is using cow dung logs which will be made in a very environmental friendly way. Their idea have already been tested and I am proud to say that it was declared to be successful in what it sought to do, ie, reduce air pollution.

Arth, as this initiative is named can be an answer to reducing air pollution by a very large margin. Currently, the team is working on making a machine that can help create cow dung logs at scale. I hope that they become successful in this too and their approach to a new way of environment friendly cremation process is approved and accepted by the society too. If all goes well, this step can prove to be a giant leap towards decreasing air pollution in India.




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